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Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Holster OD Green NEW !!!! let's make a deal

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Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Holster OD Green
Fits the P220,P226,P228,P229

$85.00 PLUS $5.00 SHIPPING Postal MO

Fastest and most secure holster on the market!!
Currently used by US Navy SEALS!!

Developed in response to operator demand, this tactical thigh version of our popular SERPA Technology Retention Holster allows you to have a tactical holster that offers unequaled speed and comfort, with the security of our patented SERPA locking system. The SERPA holster allows a rapid draw when the pistol is needed and locks securely upon reholstering. Nothing to strap, snap or rotate, it's automatic.

Unique thigh platform mold itself to the size of the user's leg
Y-harness leg straps with articulating quick-release buckles won't impeded movement or bind
Auto Lock: Pistol is secured immediately upon reholstering, no snaps, straps or hoods to come open.

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Re: Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Holster OD Green NEW !!!! Cheap !!

Back up for Sale

Buyer from SigForum backed out after he found out I was banned..

Someone buy this Great Holster..
Bump !!

Buyer from SigForum backed out after he found out I was banned..

Someone buy this Great Holster..
Bump for a class act!

I lost my whole sales department on SigForum after I had "words" with the Great Chicken Hawk in the sky. I wasn't banned, I told him to "wipe me from the face of this forum" and he did! Every last word associated with "Aussie Arms" is GONE!

It must be from my roots! "You can take my advertisment away but you can never take my :freedom:
I forgot sorry,

I got carried away!

Is there anything you NEED that you might want to trade for this great holster? ;D
Hey T - that's a cool looking holster. I have no need for a thigh rig but I do have three Sigs that would fit a holster like that. Do they make a belt holster version of that?

BTW, I bought a YH adaptor from AussieArms for my XCR to mount the Harris I got from you. Now I just need to be home long enough to mount it.

You haven't mounted that yet? Shame on you! ;D
How about a VLTOR E-MOD Enhanced Mod Stock (Stock Only) FDE Flat Dark Earth


I will see if I can find one first, then we can "Make a deal"???

I can get one in black and suggest a good can of paint! ;D
Aussie Arms

:duh: Since it arrived, I've been home exactly two days. It came one day before we left for an extended vacation to Europe. I was back one day from Europe before I had to leave on this current trip. The bad news is I'm stuck here in LaLaLand for two weeks. :mad: And then when I get home I need to send the lower off to Bill Springfield in Colorado Springs to get one of his trigger jobs on it along with my FAL. ;D And if my luck keeps up, the new gas block and stock adaptor from RA will be in and I'll need to fiddle with all that before I get to hit the range again. :p

What a great hobby!

This is a great holster and I did strap it on and sure enough my P226's , P229's and P220's
all fit in this holster very nicely.

Yep I have 2 of each of the above mentioned Pistols. they get lonely and need brothers and sisters.

I'm not sure if they offer this particular holster in a belt to paddle version.

I have 2 Carbon versions of the Blackhawk Serpa CQC.... THE P226 and P220 work in the same holster.
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