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Bolt catch

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Has anyone tryed to quiet down the rattling bolt catch? (liquid tape, powder coat?)
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I tried tape. It helped but not as much to make a difference.

Is your rattle that bad? Unless you are a ninja the bolt catch rattle isn't significant to "give away" your location. Although it may be distracting, by the time a bad guy will hear it you'd be close enough to see the color of his eyes.

I've actually "patroled" w/my XCR in a place where even your footsteps doesn't give much noise signature, but even there your footsteps are just as loud as the bolt catch not to mention other equipment and enviromental noises you produce.

I don't notice it as much anymore now.
No its not that bad, but I have 2 Colt H-bars, 2 S&W MP-15T'S, & a Daewoo DR-200 That DON'T RATTLE. I think it is a mental thing, & if I can find a way to quiet it down it will be a +.
It is a mental thing. Like I said I've gotten to ignore it now. Tactically it is not a real concern, more annoying than anything else.

Powder coating doesn't soud like a bad idea. I thought about the liquid tape, even spoke to Alex about it and it's a risk to take if that thing jams b/c of that. But the powder coating probably will do alot to help, but I don't think it eliminate it completely.

Something tells me RA will eventually come out with a rubberized one. If not them someone else will once 20,000 or so XCR's have been sold.
After break in I have used mine for work from day one. I have never noticed the rattle that everyone talks about while actually working with the gun.
If it's good enough for martens on swat duty, it's good enough for me lowcrawling through my house ;)
Must be getting use to it. I don't rembering hearing last time I shot.
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