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bolt seems to get stuck in the rearward position

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One problem I had during my last range trip was that the bolt seemed to get stuck in the rearward position on a couple of occasions. The only way that I found to release it was when I finally tried to separate the upper and lower receivers. It seems that pushing the button to release the upper receiver from the lower receiver will cause the bolt to be released from this rearward/stuck position. I was using a 6.8 conversion kit on my XCR and I have only about 200 rounds through my XCR (mostly 5.56, and ~50 6.8).

Has this happened to anyone else? Is this just too much gas pressure causing the bolt to get stuck in this rearward position?
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Bolt hold open seems to operate normally.

Went to the range yesterday and I could not replicate the bolt/carrier stuck to the rear issue. I was shooting 5.56 rather than 6.8, b/c I didn't have any 6.8 ammo. I don't know if the different caliber would make much difference, but I couldn't replicate the bolt/carrier sticking in the rearward position. The rifle cycles well, on the 4 setting it throws brass ~20 feet, so I turned down to 2 setting. It not tosses brass ~10 - 12 feet. I will retest with 6.8 and post if I have any issues.

I do wish Robarm would get that new trigger out. If they don't start selling it soon, I'm going to have to spend some money on a trigger job.
I have been having the same problem with my 5.56 while breaking it in. I think the spring in the piston is sticking together. I am new to this rifle and still breaking it in, so I am not sure what may be causing the issues. As far as I can tell the spring will lock onto its self not allowing it to release compression bringing the bolt forward. I had this happen around every 5 to 10 rounds. I have cleaned the rifle and lubed to snot out if the spring to see if it will alllow the captive rod in the spring to not stick. I have not got a chance to go back to the rage to see if this will help
*puts fingers together theatrically*

I know vat cause zees problem.
I know vat cause zees problem.
Vat cause zees problem?
we had a couple receivers that are slightly small near the rear, a fit tight enough to cause the bolt to get stuck back. Yours sounds like one of those - though it was obviously marginal enough we didn't catch it in the shop. Obviously not too much of a big deal, as the problem seems to have worn in.
thanks for the info, Terra.
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