Pretty much brand new Browning bar mkIII detachable box magazine in 308. It takes FNAR magazines, I've got 3, 20 round magazines for it I used one and the other 2 are still unopened. For those unaware, fnar magazines are currently unobtainium, GB had a single 20 rounder for $197.00 yesterday. Magazines are not for sale separately unless rifle sells first and buyer does not want them. shot it less than 100 rds. Optic is not included but could be for an additional $250 its a lisenfeld spezial 4-12x56 FFP with 26mm tube, it has a vortex 1" cantilever mount dremaled out to fit the scope. Rifle in factory case, 10 round browning magazine, 3x FN 20 round magazines, factory papers & sling studs included $1800

If you don't want additional magazines, just rifle with 10 rounder in case, $1500

Magazines (only applicable if rifle sells bare first) $135 each

Item will be cross posted, the only thing i would be interested in trading for is an XCR-M in 308, would prefer 12 or 14.7 inch barrel with keymod upper, but will consider other configurations. first I'll take it gets it.