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Is it illegal to bump fire my weapons?
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I don't see how it can be illegal. The firearm hasn't been modified, it's still semi-auto, but you have just found a way to make more noise quickly. Expect it to bring un-wanted attention though!

Still it's a pretty cool way to make some noise!
Let's see, at roughly $300 per thousand rounds that's $0.30 apiece. Assuming he had a full 20 rounds in the magazine and it took about two seconds to empty, that's $6.00 in two seconds or $180 per minute. Awesome. If Uncle Sam was still paying for it that would be fun.
Perhaps at those prices it should be at least morally illigal?

But still alot of fun!
It would be fun the first time but after that the Range Master would kick me out for (for rapid fire rule).
Unless there is some retarded state law, that I'm not aware of, it is not illegal.

However it is wasteful, to some degree unsafe, and kinda stupid.

Unless you can do it with a .22, then it's a hoot.
Don't see why it should be, unless the place where you shoot does not allow it, and the cost of firing it that ay does not bother you. Have fun.
Short story... I know the guy who started the latest bump fire craze (poor man's machine gun). He can do it on almost any rifle and has just about perfected it. He actually can shoulder the weapon and do it. There was a bunch of talk about legality etc. He wrote the ATF, and on official letterhead it says it is not illegal. That was several months ago, unless someting has changed since. Go out, practice, have fun! ;D
I know the guy who started the latest bump fire craze (poor man's machine gun).
My son & I have been trying the rubber ban method. I can't get it down but my son can get the AR to sound like an old Thomson, sort of a slow rock & role.

Do you have a good supplier for ammo we don't know about??? ;D
Hmm, I think the rubber band method may be suspect.

I know the AFT has classified a shoestring used a certain way as verboten.

So ... the rubber band may be a problem too.

I don't know for sure though.
You Guys!

Perhaps you should be doing "trigger Finger Pushups" to get that finger working out, becoming, Faster, Stonger, more nibble! ;D
I do! I use those hand exercise grips! Trying to keep arthritis from setting in.
well i have a Akins accelerator worked great till the atf took away my spring :'( so now i have to shoot the max-11 9mm FA and am waiting on my lage max 10 45 FA upper for the mac 10 ;D so since they took away the cheep 22 from me it cost a lot more to bump fire. Now if the xcr was single stage it would be no problem to bump i get controlled 3-6 round bursts out of my m4 spr regularly
Ha! SWEEP, It makes a diffenance between a single stage & a 2 stage trigger? all the guns I tryed it with had 2 stage triggers & I didn't get good results.
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