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Burris Fullfield II

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Does anyone have any experience with this scope? I am thinking it might not be a bad buy for the money and I don't need anything that will eclipse this in terms of distance.

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I have the Burris fullfield II in 4.5 x 14 and have been very pleased with it. Your looking at the same model that I am seriously considering. Their warranty is very good as well. The PD has two of the 4.5 x 14's and one went down. They replaced it for free and had it back to us in under 30 days.

It sucks to have to use a warranty but at least they stand behind the products.
they are excellent scopes. get one or two
I have a Burris Fullfield II 4x14 on a Mini-14 & realy like it.
I received my Fullfield 2 tactical yesterday and I am impressed so far. Once I have the oppurtunity to put it through a good workout I will post results.
Cool, lets see a site in target & a pitchter of your scoped XCR.
I went out yesterday to shoot the 6.8 for the first time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot more than 9 rounds as I had a small problem with the trigger. I called Bill and he said send it back to he could fix it. Here is the new Burris mounted and the 2 sets of 3 I shot. I mounted the scope as far back as I could then put my Eotech in front of it for a roungh "Bore Sight". The first 3 were OK, the next 3 are all touching. I think I could have done better but the trigger was giving me fits. As soon as I get it back I will get out there and relly put some ammo through it.

Overall, as I said, I am extremely impressed with this scope.
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I got to formally test the ballistic plex today during training. We had to make a head shot at 150 yards and there was no time to make dope adjustments. Mine is sighted in at 100 with the first hash being 200 and so on. I bracketed between the center and the 200 yard hash and put all four reps in the T zone.

The other MO using the Burris had similar results. It is fast and accurate.

I've used it for body shots before with no problems, but never for more precise, smaller targets. It works well for this as well.

Once the reticle is really learned it is also pretty good for range estimation.

I look forward to paying of some christmas purchases and being able to buy a 2-7 for my XCR.
I have the Fullfield II Tactical 6.5 x 20x on a Remy 700 VTR in .223. Very happy with it. Clear optics, nice ballistic mil-dot reticle and matches my rifles OD colour.

I don't think you can go wrong with these or any Burris scope.

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