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From Bushmaster Release

Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC (BFI) announced today that it has signed an exclusive license deal with Magpul Industries Corp. for the production, future development, and sales of Magpul’s prototype MASADA weapon system.

The Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) will initially be offered in 5.56 NATO, available for law enforcement and civilian purchase second quarter 2008. This release will be followed by military ACR versions in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

Without government funding or outside influence of any kind, the Masada concept was developed from scratch in Boulder, Colorado by Magpul’s Design Group. The Masada concept was first shown publicly at the 2007 Shot Show and its success prompted Magpul to spend a year redesigning the system for production.

The result is the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) which keeps the fundamentals of the Masada concept with added advanced features such as firing pin block and true ambidextrous charging handle.

Among the ACR’s key features are a gas piston operating system, tool-less quick change barrel, multi-adjustable folding stock with integrated storage, and backward compatibility with a number of AR15/M16 parts. Due to similar operating controls, user transition from the M16 series of weapons is easily facilitated with minimal re-training.

The Bushmaster ACR will initially be available in 3 SKUS: Standard Carbine with fixed stock, Entry Carbine with folding stock, and Special Purpose Rifle with Precision Rifle Stock. Live fire demonstration and test and evaluations beginning in the end of March to qualified law enforcement, federal government agencies.
Good for Magpul and consumers. More Masada's sold in more places

Do you really think so VB?


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You know guys, I actually went to bed thinking about this sort of crap.

This may be the ideal thing for the Machaka, I'm still getting one. But I smell poo-poo here on the models to be released and what to expect. But I'll address that last.

Man you guys should see the hubub over at ARKKOM with those mall ninjas about this. They are yakking this up as much as they yakked during the AWB sunset, but about 90% negative bagging on BM.

First off, Bushmaster. Where is everyone getting poorer QC issues about BM? I know they've been making M16/M4 components for the mil for years, mostly after I got out. I know they like to "lighten" up thier AR's by ommiting things like handguard shields so eventually someone is gonna bitch when thier HG melts. But I haven't seen or heard about one serious and continous issue regarding quality about BM.

What I do notice is that quality in OTHER AR manufacturers have gotten a lot better while BM hasn't done much of anything in the last 5 or so years, until this. So as forum gun nuts act like spoiled valley girls do when "The Gap" hasn't come up with anything new in 8 months they'll say they suck. It's not like Magpul went to McDonalds to make the Machaka, or do I dare say it?......The McSada. Besides BM has always been pro-civy in marketing their guns for the masses even through the AWB. In fact one of the few "large" one's who do, if not the only large US gum company. Just look at how Colt and HK basically abandoned us these last 15 years.

Magpul's move is quite ambitious, so it makes perfect sense. They could have, and maybe already have gone to Colt, FN, Armalite and got told to pound sand. BM said "sure". They already make the barrels, triggers, and I don't know if it's exact, but the bolt is at least 90% what the AR bolt is like. And they are big enough to quicky come up with the tooling to make the receiver, gas assy., and bolt group. Magpul will just continue to make the plastic parts.

I know BM has been gobbled up by the big conglomerate Cerebus. That news went over everyone like no one cared. But they are caring now with Masada in the loop. I know this made Cerebus stock take a good leap because let's face it, Remington ain't gonna get hardly any mil/le contracts, BM is so-so in that arena. They will flood the market with McSada's and take over like a storm. There is no doubt that the McSada will be mass produced and every dealer from The Sportsmen Warehouse located at nearby malls to Ma and Pa FFL'ers can and will get one. They sell to EVERYONE. Don't believe me, do their dealer search and punch in 85603 or 85364. All but one are small time ffl's. Shoot, maybe Roy is listed in there if not you's better be. There is nothing like BM sticking it up the ass of Colt, FN, and HK and a huge growth hormone for BM/Cerebus.

My gripe, I see that they will attain their goal of coming out with a Masada for $1400 bucks, maybe a few bones less for those of us with ffl pals. If you notice how the first 3 will be released, one a 12" with a folder, a 16" NON-folder, and a 18" also NON-folder. So what we'll see is the 16" non-folder for 1400, the 18" non-folder around 1700-1800, and unless you do the NFA and IF you find one, but I'm sure the 12" will be strictly a LEO/MIL marketed gun at first. Then LATER for about 400 bucks MORE Masada will offer us the folding stock stand alone, or tack on another 300 to the 1400 16" and 18" for a folding option, plus they'll offer conversion kits down the road for a good chunk of change but I expected that anyways.

Overall, after some thought, I see this as 85% good, and 15% evil.

Everyone was wondering how Magpul was going to pull this one off. Now we know.

It now also explains this because I was wondering. "WTH do they have that's new?":


other info:




interesting read:

Added: apparently the Cerberus buying BM before Remington was news to me. I thought it was the other way around with Remington buying BM the Cerberus buying Rem.

So one has to wonder how many comanies owned bt Cerberus has, or HAD, anti-gun support affiliation?

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At least we have those options. I'm still getting the McSada. Now, after some thought I'm changing my good to evil ratio from 85:15 to 70:30.

Reason being that Cerebus could do like Colt and all of the sudden just on a whim dump the civvie gun market with BM. This will leave Magpul in a bind because it looks as if they "partnered up" with BM, but that could mean many things. Like selling your soul to the devil.

And the problem with big conglomerates is the big issues that come with it. Outsourcing, labor management, budgeting constraints, parting out, etc. It looks as if the big bosses let their owned companies do what they want as long as they turn profits.

Now why cant I find the Space Needle Dr. Evil Starbucks Headquarters image in google?
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