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We got our two samples for T and E and first impression is very promising. I have been running a Tango Down with a Surefire G2 in a viking mount. The first thing I did was weigh my current combo versus the CAA. Both were weighed with light in place and spare batteries in the grip. My old combo weighed in at 337 grams and the CAA weighed in at 393.5 grams. I was a little suprised by this as I really would have thought the all in one setup would have been lighter.

The grip itself is very comfortable in hand and just as comfortable as the Tango Down. For reference I have pretty small hands and wear a size medium glove. The surefire light mounted in the grip real easily and getting the switch adusted to the light took just a few seconds. How I mounted the light was to lock the switch in the on position and then slowly back the light in until it came on. This seemed to work very well.

The grip mounted easily to my rail and I like the thumb nuts and the fact that it is a split mount and I didn't have to slide it down the rail. Once installed, it did not have any play in it. From looking at the web site I did not think I would like the switch location, but in "clearing" the basement it worked pretty well. I really like that it locks in and off pretty easy and the lockout switch is real handy. We've had acidental light discharges on missions and this will give us an opportunity to avoid this. Even without the lockout switch, the location of the main switch should minimize AD's.

I snapped some pics of my prior setup and the CAA setup.

I also took a pic of the CAA mounted on an AR.

I'll post more comments as I get to play with it. I hope to get out and shoot with it in the next few days.
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Is that a 6P you used in it? I have both aluminum and plastic bodied versions that I might want to use.
Its the G2 or plastic 6P. Either one works. My 9v G3 works real well, but since the grip only holds 2 batteries I won't use it since I can't carry enough batteries to keep my light going.

We told CAA that we would provide written feedback as part of the testing. The battery compartment has a taper to it and batteries can get stuck in the grip. Once I got them out, I put a long piece of foam in first to "spring load" the batteries and all is good now. I am glad I found this out now rather than out in the dark somewhere. If they make a gen 2, I would really like to see it hold three batteries and I would probably run a 9v light then.

I've played with the FGA more since the first post and am really starting to like it. I can activate the switch with several different area of the thumb/web of the hand so finding one that is comfortable shouldn't be a problem. It is pretty well ambidextrous other than the cross bolt safety but it works well with either hand.

I like that the gripping surface is lower than the rail than the Tango Down grip. It seems like both the front and rear grip now are more on the same plane and it made it more comfortable for me. The grip is very very comfortable.

I of course would like to see CAA mold it in OD and tan at least.

I've taken the grip on and off several times and it doesn't seem to be showing any wear in the plastic.

I am not sure if the storage compartment will be waterproof as I haven't seen an o ring or other seal yet.

The removeable grip panels look like the will fit pressure switches nicely and enough below the surface that you won't accidently hit the light. There is enough room at the rear of the light mount to sneak a pressure switch through if you run a light with a pressure switch.
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I don't know for sure who carries them at the moment. The police department I work for got them to T&E. The main website is commandarms.com. I believe midway may carry their products as well.

The more I've played with it around the house the more I like it. As of now I will be recommending them to the bosses for purchase.

I like that it makes the weapon slimmer in width as well. I didn't think it would make that much difference over the side mount but it does. It seems to swing into shooting positions smoother.

I lament the loss of mounting a bipod but really other than the range, I never used it much. With the thumb nuts, I can remove the VFG if I really need the bipod.
Nice rig, keep us posted. 8)
I really like this set up as it keeps the light at 6 o'clock. When working around barriers or corners the light never becomes an issue forcing you to get further out from cover than is needed.
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