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Caliber Conversions

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Terra or any of the RA guys,

I was curious how close the zero was between the calibers. For example, if my .223 XCR is zeroed at 50 yards and I switch to the 6.5 or the 6.8, how close to the same point of aim will the two or three rounds be? Have you tested this? If not, can you and post the results?

Now that both the 6.5 and the 6.8 are offered, I am getting pretty excited, although I haven't decided on which caliber yet. It would be great if my BUIS's would be close enough for whichever caliber I am using.

I also noticed that both kits come with new brass deflectors. Are they necessary to swap out for proper functioning?

Is there a limit to how many times you can switch out barrels before things start to wear and possibly become loose?

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I can't answer the question on the zeroing, but I can tell you that the brass deflectors are indeed necessary. As for switching out the barrels... If you are doing it repeatedly, you may wear down the helicoil and the barrel lock screw. In which case, there might be some issue with looseness. This theory hasn't been proven ever, because I don't think people take their barrels on and off too often. How often are you planning to switch out your barrels?
The only chance you'd have of maintaining an iron sight zero when switching calibers is if you have a separate front sight mounted in the mount point on the gas block of each barrel. Since I don't think a sight to fit that groove exists, I believe you are going to have to rezero after the switch.
You could always put two busses back to back on the rail. A PRI would be the front most of the two, because it flips forward. The other bus would be conventional and flip backwards. It might look silly, and you lose a little sight radius with the second BUIS but it still might be worth a try.
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