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Call of Duty 4

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Anyone play COD 4 on PS3? Just checking to see if there are any players online. I suck at it and get killed all the time but I like winding down with it.
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its fucking awesome...

my sn is plz0ffyrself... send me a friend invite you can check my stats and maybe we can play sometime.

my 360 broke and I won't have it back for ~3 weeks but after that its game time! :)
I got it for Mikey's bday... As of Tuesday he'll be playing.
I play the PC version in the evenings.
I can now have a clan tag, called it XCR so if anyone is online. Same name as here.
I have played the XBox 360 one. The urban settings was sort of intense for me at least.
I play as "Crackhouse"
I got my 360 back today ;D ;D ;D

I be playin tomorrow if any of you guys are on.
SUBSONIC308, a few weeks back you and I traded headshots in the Crash Map.
I added the clan tag XCR as well. I am KippJones11
I have not played online in forever but my Xbox tag is BowevelJoe (original huh)
I play as Fogreddogg using a PC on usually on the FUBAR server or the FOG Extreme West Coast Server.
PC version
search for BrandXTC on the 360 version... that's Mikey. :)
Everyone knows PS3 is the way to go
PS3 is far more inferior. >:D
Has anyone else moved on to Grand Theft Auto 4 yet? The graphics are definitely not as good as COD4 but the game play is pretty badass!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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