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Can't Remove Barrel

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Hello, everyone. I just picked up an XCR and was able to shoot it quite a bit over the weekend. I went to break it down today and was unable to remove the barrel. It will come out maybe 3/4 of an inch and then stop. I've read the manual and watched the video and am still unable to remove it. I am starting to worry that I may have a real problem. Is there some special trick to removing it? Any ideas of what I can try to do? Any help would be appreciated.
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DID YOU REMOVE THE BOLT & CARRIER? You can't remove the barrel unless the bolt is either locked back or removed. :2cents:
Yep, pull back on the charging handle just an inch or so then pull the barrel out. Should come right out.
DID YOU REMOVE THE BOLT & CARRIER? You can't remove the barrel unless the bolt is either locked back or removed. :2cents:

Bolt and carrier is out, but when I try to pull the barrel out it only comes out a short distance and then feels like it's hanging up on something...
How far did you unscrew the screw? Other than that It may just be tight. If you can't get it out call Robarm and tell them what it is doing. Might seperate the upper and lower so yo can see better what it is doing.
Ditto on the screw. Try taking the screw all the way out, if you haven't.

When you remove the bolt and carrier, pull out the op rod too.
Shogun, were you able to remove your barrel?
Yeah, I've already tried with the screw all the way out. Also with the whole bolt carrier assembly out along with the operating rod. When trying to pull the barrel out the resistance becomes progressively more until it won't slide anymore. Like it is wedging in there. Guess I'll try and give the company a call.
Stupid question....... did you "wiggle" the barrel back and forth (side to side) while removing? Have a rubber mallet?
Yup, did plenty of wiggling. I've got a rubber mallet, yes. Should I make it hammer time and beat the thing until the barrel comes out?
Call Rob :2cents: ;Dinson in the morning before going to plan "B"............ the hammer.
You may want to try spraying a little lube down in there. i sometimes twist when pulling the barrel off. Not sure what would be stopping it though you might just have a real tight fit. Call them tomorrow morning and I am sure they will take care of you.
no beating! Be nice to your gun!

PM me a number, let's chat. ;)
Loctite? Could it be that the Bolt was in there with Locitie an too much was put in and dripped on to the barrel extension, locking it to the upper?
ummm... those bolts don't get loctited. They hold their own.

Something similar happened to me once. All I had to do was slide out the whole op rod/gas tube and it was okay.
Well, I was able to get my barrel out. I took a wood dowel and stuck it down the receiver and gave the barrel a tap and it came out. The edges of the hole in the barrel for the retaining bolt had a slight lip on it. I took a file and took the lip off and the barrel goes in and out smoothly now. Went out and shot the rifle and it shoots fine. Thanks for all the help guys.
Well at least you didn't have to go with the BFH.... :party: :popcorn: :sniper2: Hope you enjoy your XCR. 8)
Glad it all worked out.
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