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I received a letter from Darrell McGraw, JR - the WV Attorney General regarding the current status for CCW reciprocity with other States.

"I am following up with you to announce that my office has reached an agreement with the State of South Carolina to recognize West Virginia concealed weapons permits. This will allow all those with valid West Virginia permits to carry a concealed weapon legally in the State of South Carolina. In addition to South Carolina, since June of 2007 my office has reached agreements with the following States: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia. The States of Alaska, Indiana, Montana and Vermont have also recognized West Virginia permits. My office is currently working with a few more States and I hope to announce more agreements soon."

It is the positive attitude and persistence such as displayed by Mr. McGraw that helps us keep our Second Amendment freedom.

There are several web sites that list this information for your respective States, but nothing is as certain as the source.

Having an agreement with 19 States out of 50 is a huge step towards a national CCW permit, but so much work remains...

Contact your State Office of Attorney General if you have any doubts as to what States recognize your CCW.
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