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Changing out the pistol grip

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Just got my XCR (L) yesterday. Looking to add a TD battle grip. Does the pistol grip just have the one bolt or can I expect any surprises in the way of springs like an AR. I noticed the selector switch in that general area. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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The grip contains a little spring that puts tension on the select fire latch. But that's it.

Thanks for info. I wanted a heads up before I went in.

You might as well make the trigger allot better when you change your grip.

do this.... juicespeare1 came up with this and it works well and it's easy to do.

I bought a stainless-steel 1/4" 20 x 1-1/4" hex head screw/bolt. .. or get the 1 1/2 and cut it down

I used the original star lock washer and another thinner star lock washer to adjust the length of the screw/bolt when the grip is tightened down.

I first tightened the screw/bolt without the extra washer and it was just slightly too long and affected the hammer reset.

I backed the screw/bolt off a bit until the the hammer, sear and trigger functioned properly.

With the very thin extra star washer in addition to the original star washer, this 1/4" 20 x 1-1/4" screw/bolt tightened down fully performs the same function as the set screw and grip screw at the same time.

This takes most or all of the trigger creep out and makes the trigger much nicer.... still 7.5 lbs but much nicer.

Good Luck
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Why don't you just spend the $49.00 and have Bill do the trigger like it's supposed to be. ??? ??? ??? Bill has done a lot of this forums members, and is highly recommended. :2cents:
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