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Cheek riser question

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Anybody here know of some way to rig this for a brace? I like to keep the xcr cheek riser farthest back to the end as possible cause when its in its normal position it feels like im stretching my neck forward to get a cheek weld. I currently have it taped down so it wont move but now i cant shorten the length of pull for other people or when im wearing a large coat.
Heres a pic:
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Be careful adding stuff to a brace. It can be considered a modification to become a stock. Especially if you add any padding.

To the question at hand though, I also have the same issue for a good cheek purchase. I have always been confused why risers are not added to the adjustment portion instead of the fixed position.

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Why is the riser so far back? Are you trying to deal with eye relief?
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