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Chest Rigs ,Mag Carriers by DIZ....

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I have a great source for Chest Rigs ;D

I have one like this on order with a split front.

6 Mag Pouches with Kydex inserts for retension and quick deployment . cord fasteners

Optional Hydration system pouch
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Do we have to pull it out of you? ;)

Where? How much?
What about a nice "manly" model shot too?
Do we have to pull it out of you? ;)

Where? How much?
Who makes them, warranty guarentee?
Ehh, It more than likely wont fit me...
He custom makes them..

Mine should be done in a few weeks.

even a spindler like Ranly can get one that fits him.

These are custom made buy a guy in North Carolina. He's a Retired Marine.

Interested PM Me for his email.

FYI... The one he is making me is as in the photo's but has a split front and a lumbar support.

$ 135.00 bucks......... ;D

You can't find a better deal I assure you
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Whats a spindler? all I can find through google is Spindler as a last name, no object or definition
Spindler = Man of Great Intelligence
Slang for skinny lil Fucker.. :eek:

ok..my bad

spin·dly (spind?l?)


long or tall and very thin or slender, often so as to be or seem frail or weak
I guess I posted a bad picture... In my defense I consistently out run and lift most every one in my school, for what ever thats worth... I even won an Iron man plaque from the Army recruiting office in Price and we all know they dont hand those out cheaply...(sarcasm), it was really, really easy... thats my meiger defense.
Im teasin you

Of course, I just had to defend my little honor...
Send me the guy's details please?
Ditto - I'm in the market for some custom gear as well......
Yeah, I saw this stuff on M4carbine. I gotta say, it does look like the shiz.

I don't really need anything of the sort, but damn, it does look squared away.
Email sent,

Been looking for a good deal on one of these.
Ditto - I'm in the market for some custom gear as well......
I need your email.... send me one it's in my profile
Tzoid, did you ever get the rig? I am anxious to hear how it works.
I got pics of the rig today, it's almost done ;D

Got ahold of him, and discussed some options. Gonna spend the next few days sketching the intricate parts, and send off materials. Gonna be fun I do believe - this guy seems like a GREAT fellow to do business with!
I wouldn't know the first thing about designing a rig as all I have ever used is the stuff we are allowed to use in the Army. I have a couple different sets of my own body armor so I would like to get a chest rig to wear over them. Guess I need to do some research.
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