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I had the privilege of attending the Chicago air and water show a couple of weeks ago. I have a friend who has a 22nd floor condo on Lake Shore Dr. so we watched from his balcony. It was amazing. I took my camera hoping that the view would be good, and it was. Problem is I had a 2x multiplier on my camera and it still didn't get me as close to the action as I wanted to be. In reality the planes were extremely close to us, but the human eye is far better than any camera lens. I apologize for the quality of the images as I had to zoom in using Light Room, but I thought there might be some people who like watching these aircraft as much as I do.

The highlight was the F-22... it did amazing things. The scariest moment was when the F-15 came screaming over the condo from a direction we didn't know and almost blew our eardrums. The sound rattled our teeth and everything else. Awesome.

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