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Chip McCormick, Timney AR-15 drop-in triggers

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Does anyone owen or have used these drop-in triggers? Are they just target triggers? Are they rugged enough to function in combat? What do you think?
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i perfer chip McCormick's single stages myself i have them in three of my ARs and if there was one out that fit the xcr ,it would have one to
I'm waiting to hear more about the new drop in trigger that Robarms is working on.
I'm waiting to hear more about the new drop in trigger that Robarms is working on.
I would be all over that too!
I don't see why RobArms didn't use the AR drop-ins in the first place!!! :duh:
Seems like it would have made more sense...

I was looking at the Timney for an AR build I am going to do. I will probably use it on my DMR build.
I have a Timney on a bolt gun that I have. After starting this subject SWEEP talked me into getting a Chip McComick for one of my AR'S. Both are real nice, way better than the stock triggers that I replaced. Both have an equal pull to them. If the adds for the Chip McCormick are true ,then it is one tuff cookie. Will buy more!
I have a Timney and as long as you keep your finger off the trigger it's safe enough. Passes drop tests etc.. Not sure on the CMC as I haven't used one but the Timeney is the nuts! I keep trying to work out if it's worth screwing with one to try and make it fit the XCR.
RobArms is now talking about a two stage trigger. Most likely, it too will require a trigger job or replacing. It would have been much better, from this side of the fence, to just make it compatible with th AR drop in trigger groups. Why try to reinvent? ??? ??? ???
This is an image of the RobArm trigger next to an AR/M16 trigger (AR on Right)

The an AR hammer, FA, next to a RobArm hammer (AR on right)

and again from a different angle, again AR on right.

Hammer height looks about the same, through calipers, when looking at max length. The biggest difference appears to be the face angle of the RobArm hammer. It swings further forward to strike the firing pin and I'm not sure if that would prevent an AR hammer from being used, though it might need to be reprofiled and re-hardened. I might grab a spare semi auto hammer and have a play next month.

The stock Robarm trigger is really crap though, which is a shame considering the rest of the rifle. On the hammer you can see the casting marks and i've got a trigger with casting marks on the action surface. I can't understand why an AR trigger wasn't used unless it's some idea of cost saving. What I don't understand is that a good trigger can improve a bad rifle, and bad trigger can kill a good rifle, so why screw this up so bad and take so long to do something about it. A good match AR trigegr is probably one of the best triggers this side of Olympic mathc pistols or electronic trigger so why not use one.
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I use the Timney. I am very happy with it. It has just enough pull (distance) that I feel safe with it.
The Colt "smooth" trigger was awful :puke: Sometimes it was great. Other times I could hear and feel it crunching as I pulled it.
I use this rifle for precision shooting so I havent abused it yet to find out how durable it is.
Micky C, you might be on to something, looks pretty close, have you tried to drop in the AR trigger? wrislock, thats weird about your Colt trigger. Does it crunch after it has just been cleaned?

I don't think that the trigger that RobArms is working on is going to be a drop in trigger? More likely it will be replacemnet parts for the trigger assembly.
Aussie & Sig, Which means we still have to send our triggers off to Bill to straighten them out :mad: :2cents:
From what alex said they should already be close to what Bill is doing when they release the match trigger. I am thinking it will be something along the lines of the RRA NM trigger that you can buy as part of a LPK or seperate. :2cents:
I already took my XCR and FAL to Bill. The new trigger would have to have rave reviews from the more critical people here to make me switch now.
To be honest, I think I've given up on a Robarm trigger. If I can't get mine to work I'll go with Bill, or sell the thing. First there was a lighter trigger, then a single stage match trigger, now a two stage match trigger and even then it will probably have to go off to be fitted. It's a shame becasue it's such a nice rifle but.......
Mickey, like others have said, you will not be disappointed with Bill's work. I would *almost* venture to say that it breaks as well as some of my custom 1911 triggers...ALMOST. it is smooth, no takeup, no sign of grit. Just a nice single stage pull.

You will be happier if you just send it off to him and let him work it over.

You won't be dissapointed with Bills work, I can assure you. When you get it back it will be like a completely different rifle to shootand all that for $49.00 with return postage.

You can't beat that!
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