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Terra that was beautiful.It is such a shame that not more people have your love for life,your appreciation for what you have,especially little things,and the lack of bitterness for what you don't,and your acceptance of the fact that while life can be hard,realizing it IS what you make of it.
I think some people need a reason to be pitied and need and excuse to fail.They don't take responsibility for themselves,for their own happiness,because either they were never taught that by their parents,or they are to lazy to try.The decay of the family,which is the building block of any successful society,leads to moral deprivation and ultimately the destruction of that society.We are on a course just like the Romans were,and if it's not already too late,need to try to reverse it.
Anyway I won't try to bore anyone with my rantings of philosophy.I'm glad your happy and wish more people were.

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