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just a quick word about customer support from robinson arms. i recently got my XCR, but i was missing one little set screw for the m4 adapter. i sent an e-mail to terra and she was very quick to respond. not only that, but i also received a follow-up phone call to verify the exact part that was missing. speaks volumes about the kind of people we are dealing with, they go that extra step to make sure things go as smoothly as possible with their customers. thanks.
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I recently ordered some spare parts and two of the new gas systems from them.
Terra called me when my order was ready. Great service.
I previously asked to be placed on the waiting list when the new gas blocks were available expecting to get an email or something when they were available but I just visited the website and was able to order one. Hopefully it will come pretty quick so I can get it installed before I have to hit the road traveling again.
Another kudos here too.

I eh lost my FP spring on the garage floor during cleaning and one was promptly sent out by Terra (after laughing at me ~ and rightly so I might add).
I have spoken to Ty on many occasions and he is always helpful.

Yesterday I had a question and called and spoke to Chuck.. he was very helpful and
really knows what he's talking about.

A++++++ Customer Service
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