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A lot of this will come down to personal preference.


The Troy BUIS are very good. I prefer a bit more adjustability, so I went a different route. You don't really need it though, so the Troy's would get the nod then. I also like the Samson front sight quite a bit.

Optics. I use an Aimpoint, so I can't comment too much on Eothingums. From all I've seen, the AA battery versions seem to get the nod for battery life. The adjustments on the new 557 seem more magnifier friendly than the older units, if that matters to you.

Rail covers. I use Knight's. Those are my personal favorites. The Tango Downs are pretty good as well. They'd be my second choice after the KAC covers. There is no third choice and I don't care too much for the ladder covers. Rails get hot, and the ladder types aren't nearly as much protection as full rail covers.

VFG. Dunno here. I like the XCR fine without, but I'm used to a vertical grip on my AUG. I'll probably try one out. I'm leaning towards the BOBRO. This isn't anything close to a priority and is probably dead last on the XCR "need to buy" list.

Grip. MIAD. I like the HK grip and this is the closest I can find. I'm quite pleased with it. Really, the stock AR grip is perfectly acceptable, but I like the backstrap filler on the MIAD. Like I said, it feels like an HK and the HK91 is an old friend.

Magazines. Pmags. Simply great so far. Very similar to AUG mags and those I've used for many years without incident. HK mags look to be good stuff, but I can contain my enthusiasm for them because of cost. If Magpul hadn't put the Pmags out this year, I'd be buying (and cursing the cost) of the HK mags.

Vendors. I bought most of my stuff from Operation Parts and SKD. I think you'll find they're all pretty similar, though. I chose those two mainly because I could get everything I wanted from them at the least amount of shipping cost.
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