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Did anybody get the UBR ...?

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...for their XCR?

..when the website was selling the pre-production model.

curious to see how it looks and functions
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Yeah, mine showed up yesterday. It's pretty wild.

I don't have a hinge for my XCR yet, so not sure how it'll eventually look when it's mounted. I'm still playing around with it. It's kinda funky, but, again, with it not being on a gun, it's awkward to handle. I'm still figuring out how the presets and the override work. Like I said, though, it's awkward trying to hold onto the thing and manipulate it in your offhand.

It's well put together. Very substantial. It's heavier than I thought it would be. It does come with an extra cheekpiece, but since it's not on a gun...well...not sure how it relates to my XCR as its set up at the moment. I'll probably be taking the storage compartment out. Don't see much use for it at the present. The Aimpoint doesn't need extra batteries and the MIAD can hold any N types I might need for other things.

I'll have to get my camera software loaded back up and get a new USB cable for my digital (lost the old one somewhere...). That way I throw a few pics up when my hinge shows up.
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I just got mine in yesterday. I put it on my LWRC M6. It's a really a well thought out design and IMHO adds more of a balanced look to the AR platform.

My son says it makes the gun look like it's something out of HALO.
Heh, the idea is to make the XCR look like a SCAR!

I'm still waiting with bated breath for new O-fficial Robinson XCR stock (hint hint). I think the UBR will do quite nicely until then.

Quite frankly, when I first started looking at XCRs I felt the Vltor stock was more comfortable than the FAL folder. My own XCR just happened to be a folder, but I would have bought whatever was available at that point. I like the folder well enough, but really I had an easier time with the iron sights with the Vltor. One of the real advantages of a modular rifle like the XCR is changing stuff to fit yourself. Now I can have the best of all worlds: folding, collapsable, and more comfortable.

Just need that hinge...

Did you order the hinge through us? What is the name on it?
Any of you guys with a MagPul URB stock, how about posting some photos?
Do I have to ask again to for pics? :eek:
Yep, I ordered through you all. Got the confirmation a few days ago and it's in whatever process these things go through.
ah, found it. Maybe i'll hold off until after the 25th to mail it... >:D

Power corrupts! :eek:
Heh. Actually, Xmas works pretty well for me. At least then I'll be off work and might be able to go shoot the thing. In the cold. In the snow. In the (hopefully frozen) mud.

Still...if you all want pictures...

Which reminds me, must get that USB cable. Off to PCcables!
Hey Sloan....... we want fotos.....we wanr fotos....... ;D ;D ;D
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