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Did I note an ambi safety?

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Maybe I'm zoning here, but I thought I noticed an ambi safety available for the XCR.

Not that I'm positive I need such a beast, but that's never stopped me from buying & trying stuff before (as evidenced by the large 'unused parts pile' at home)......

So I check out the XCR website, and can't find such a thing - I even searched under 'ambi' and 'safety'.

Was I imagining this, or are there ambi safeties out there? Any pics available?

Just questioning if I ought to upgrade the new one on order.
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You can call in and order it. I don't believe it's available to order on the website.

There are a few XCRs on the forum with ambi safeties. My SBR XCR has one, I think prizm's SBR has one from memory.

I like them for training for officer survival "injured Officer" training, it makes things a little easier if you can continue to hold the rifle in your "off" hand and still use the controls that you are used to in your "strong" hand.

The only down side to it is that when gripping the rifle for shooting normally, the safety selector protrudes into your grip area, but that's the same with any ambi safety selector I have come across. I think the option from RobArm direct is around $49.99.

Take care!
Thanks for the tips!

Maybe I'll get one and experiment, rather than just having it come with the new stick......

But that means putting it off a week. My danged 'ol Christmas gift giving overages :-\
Hey, thanks! That gives me a pretty good idea ;-)
I got one from the factory on my XCR. It appears to be a quality piece from initially looking at it and working it... I have no taken it apart yet.

Compared to the normal AR15 ambi selector, the levers are physically smaller. That, combined with the smaller angle of rotation of the XCR selector between safe and fire, adds up to less protrusion into your grip on the side you are not manipulating, than the standard AR ambi selector.

Being a lefty, I need one. I don't understand why rifles today don't come with the ambi as standard, with the one-side selector available as an option for people who want it for some reason.
Mine just came with one. So it's an option?!? I didn't order it that way.Bought it from Kermits inventory. He didn't mention it as an extra. It is nice to have. Should come standard.
So I got to thinking about it (dangerous, but I do from time to time).

When I'm shooting left handed, the safety doesn't bother my left hand, and I don't bump it on to safe accidentally. I'm gonna go out on a limb, and assume that my left hand grip should be similar enough to my right hand grip that if it doesn't bother my left, the ambi shouldn't bother my right.

Now all I have to do is see who gives me a Christmas present that I can use as barter with Ty or Terra >:D

It doesn't protrude enough into your grip to become an issue, in fact the feel of it behind your first finger is just another tell-tale to let you know you are ready to rock and roll without taking your eyes off the threat/target.
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