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Do not send me messages regarding williamxcr.

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I have gotten more than enough.

And next time, unless you were directly part in something that offended you do not send me complaints. I took care of the problem way before most people even knew there was a problem so getting complains regarding it is pointless and is just wasting my time. In fact, most of you probably wouldn't even know about it if Roy hadn't mass emailed everyone telling them to mass email me.

Don't get me wrong, I truely appreciate that you guys care about this forum and wish that things remain civil, I do too. But if a problem is taken care of and no longer exists please don't continue to complain to me about it!

Rant done. Please return to your regular activites.
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And I didn't even get to email you yet ;D ;D

What e-mail, :dontknow: what problem?

Exactly, what problem? :headscratch:
Can I e-mail you about that troublemaker Terra?
Sue the surgeon Terra. I liked the old nose better, and gawd...those ears!
Bad hair day Terra? :eek:
Danm Terry, You forgot to wear your racy red undie goodies? :jumpingonfire:
Just needed a post to get 100 post. It seems I lost some post some where. :deadhorse: :doh:
It appears that williamxcr deleted his own account. He sent me a one sentence message saying "Sorry Lex. It won't happen again." and then his account was gone.

Good luck to you williamxcr and stay out of trouble. :tiphat:
The first 100 are the hardest, and then it's all down hill from there! ::)

William??? William who??? >:D
check out this bloke... got up in everybody's bizzo...quite the bludger, this crow eater... I'll wager this knocker's always out getting rotten...

...or something.... ;D
AH, he buggered off in the dead of nite...... so sad.. too bad.
Dang! I wanted the heavy barrel from his XCR!
Gr8, What's to think he even HAD an XCR ??? Read some his posts. A wanabe if I may say. :2cents:
Gr8, What's to think he even HAD an XCR ??? Read some his posts. A wanabe if I may say. :2cents:
I didn't read all his posts, but I remember the one he posted for sale. He got reamed for the price he was asking.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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