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Does anyone know how to contact lucky Irish?

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I ordered a 1913 adapter from him and ended up getting 2 acr stock adapters instead. Honest mistake, no big deal. I've sent him a couple of emails and haven't heard from him in over a week. I'd like to do the right thing and send back the items that are worth more than what I paid him for.
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He's on this forum and others as LeeMajors but that's linked to his email anyway. I figure his business email is the best way and that he's probably busy with something or other; he's a one-man show after all. Keep at it I guess.

EDIT: Your email could have also ended up in his spam folder as well, like mine were. Try messaging him from a different email account that you know isn't compromised.

I suppose if you really want to get his attention, you can do what I did and contact your credit card company and order a charge back for not getting the products you ordered and not being able to contact the seller to resolve the issue. It would be the truth after all and what else could you do? He'll notice the charge backs on his accounts and come screaming at you, and you could point to the list of emails you sent out a long time ago trying to get his attention. Wait 'till about a month before you have to resort to this.

Keep us in the loop over what happens, I'm sure he'll get back to you. If not, you can probably sell or keep those adapters and by then I can have a 3D printed 1913 adapter ready for you.
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Hey there, sorry, just saw this and looked back and found your email. I was on vacation with my son snowboarding for 5 days and then immediately left for a 4 day trip, home tomorrow.

Sorry about the mix-up, had a buddy of mine helping package stuff which means someone else got your adapter and is missing their two you got.
I feel you for wanting to take a vacation to unwind while still having the business run with you away from it. It has got to be frustrating when something goes down when you are trying to get away. Perhaps a notice to close down while away on vacay would minimize headaches in the future?
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