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Doesn't any one reply to threads anymore?

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I come on here to see "Whatzup" with the XCR world and there's nothing new be posted. What is Up? A few people come in, look around, and don't even say "Gooday Mate".

So, here is my new post. If you are just dropping in to see "Whatzup" take 10 seconds of your day to say "Gooday Mate! or "That's not a rifle (Sig 556) this is a rifle! (XCR). :D Hehehehehehe :p
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G'Day Tinman,

How's the rust?
always keep some lube handy - just in case ;D
Come on guys, lets not tease the less fortunate, we all know the Sig Sauer 556 is a mythical creature that we all were waiting to appear which today still remains a myth not to fault the guys and girls who claimed to have seen the legendary "Weapon of the Future".

I made my own investigation into the legend with none other than Sig Sauer themselves. I was told, obviously to perpetrate the the myth, that there is a 6 month waiting period for "filling Orders". I said "thank you" politely and withdrew.

Live long and XCR!
Here I sit, broken hearted, tried to converse, but only found that I was the only person left in this world of XCR's. Where is everyone? Am I alone? Is everyone else.............sleeping? OK,

Good Night! :'(

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwww!
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Hey Irish1,

How are you? Welcome to the forum.
I think you need a vacation Aussie Arms ;)
I think you are.................................. CORRECT! :eek:

All in good fun!
Nice to see you Terra! 8)
Welcome. and good for you! ;D
Okay so I view alot but don't talk. BTW the 556 does exhisit at least the one in my gun safe does.

Welcome to my thread. I was sitting here the other night waiting for anyone to join in and post a new thought, or even comment on an existing thread. There was 14 members logged on and nothing was being posted. So in frustration I posted this thread and at least people like yourself have "popped in" and said "hello".

My comment about the Sig Sauer 556 was not meant to be derogatory in any way the the rifle, or it's owners. It was just said 'tongue in cheek' to highlight the fact that if I want to order one for a customer, I have to coinvice them they are worth the 6 month waiting period before their order is filled

I too am a lover of Sig Sauer, and I have, let's say, more than one in my safe.

Please feel free to drop in and say hello in the future as this is a community and we welcome your thoughts and comments on our common interest, GUNS! ;D
Hows it goin, dont have my laptop right now so I cant say much.
Oh Aussie I understand, the 556 is a bit of a unicorn but I like mine. I actually found this forum not too long ago. I keep checking because one of the reasons I got my XCR-L is the multicaliber and I was searching for info about the caliber kits. So I guess I am a fence sitter with both a 556 and a XCR.
I'm all for 556 mocking. Keep it up...
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