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Ejector Binding {Update: Ejecting to 3'oclock}

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Update: Fixed with tightening ejector a bit more. I have now noticed though that ejected cases are going almost directly 3'oclock, straight down the firing line. This is kind of a hazard as the cases come out on an almost flat trajectory and with a lot of speed, not something you want to get in the face. Anyone seen this and/or know how to correct this?

Has anyone had a problem with the ejector binding against the bolt carrier and causing the carrier to stick in the receiver? Shot the first few rounds through my new upper yesterday and after 10 rounds the bolt failed to come forward all the way. I racked it, but since the bolt had already stripped a round from the mag it double fed, so i dropped the mag, cleared it and reloaded. I fired the next round (this was all during a Canadian Service Rifle match) and again the bolt failed to close. I had to withdraw from the match, and when I took the rifle apart I found that the ejector had moved upwards slightly and was binding the bolt carrier. The ejector was to tight to move with my fingers but apparently loose enough to get knocked out of alignment by the bolt carrier. I re aligned and re tightened it, I'm hoping it was just to loose.

On the brighter side I didn't have to rezero my YMH buis when I put them on the new upper.
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Re: Ejector Binding

Make sure you're using loctite. :)
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