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Eotech MPO

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Christ that was alot of money, I just ordered the Eotech MPO kit, comes with the 557 and the 4x magnifier w/Flip-To-Side mount. I was originally going to go with the Aimpoint, but after doing some research (and pricing) I realized the MPO kit was the best bang for my buck, and since it comes as a complete kit, I won't have to worry about matching up mounts or anything.
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They average 1000 for the fixed 4x mount, and 1100 for the flip mount.

This is the one I ordered
You will have to let me know how you like the 557. I only know a couple guys personally that have shot it and both said that it was too cluttered and went back to a 552/553. I haven't had the chance to play with the 557 yet but I like my 553.
You have to remember, that circle is tiny when you are actually looking through the optic, unmagnified it is not much bigger than a pea. For some all those dots can start to run together. Me, I have no problems hitting a 8" steel plate out to 400 without a magnifier on my Eotech so I figured I didn't really need to drop the dough on the 557 just to see if I like it.
I have had the 557 and now have the 553. The 557 reticle seemed cluttered to me as well. Even when magnified it still seemed so. Keeping the brightness dialed way down helps somewhat. Bottom line for me is that the 553 reticle serves my purposes better plus I like the ARMS mounts.

Read my post concerning NV issues with some of the Eotech sights. Just a heads up if you encounter it.
Tgbtg, does your 557 have the distorted reticle problem? I read a long thread several months back about it.
Sinjin, the reticles on both the 557 I had and the 553 they replaced it with have distortion on the two lowest daylight settings and all NV settings. There is a lengthy post on ar15.com documenting the issue. I also posted briefly in this forum on another thread.
Well, I received it yesterday, haven't had a chance to shoot with it yet, but I did mount it onto an AR just to see how it felt. First off, I didn't find it cluttered at all, then again I had 20-20 last time I was checked. The best part was the 4x, it gives you a perfect sight picture with the 557, very quick to focus when you bring it up, and the flip-to-side mount made switching between the two kick ass. Now I just have to wait until my XCR gets here so I can mount it, center it, and zero it.
EOTech 557 with flip-to-side magnifier is the setup I really want. Is the whole reticle distortion thing really an issue for practical use, as far as you guys are concerned?
Well, I looked up the whole distortion thing, and I tested my 557 for it. Sure enough, on the lowest 2 daylight and all NV settings, I had the nike dots, but I could only see them with the 4x, but then I shifted my head a little and they refocused into dots. I really think it is how people are looking at them.
If you look through the reticle as you change it from a higher setting to a lower setting and the reticle distorts then there is an issue with the sight. My understanding is that the defect also occurs in varying degrees. The issue was acknowledged to me by Marcus, from eotech customer service, who responded to my email by phone call. His words not mine were that " the issue was an NV issue and not specific to the 557 and that that is why it had occurred in my replacement 553 as well". :2cents:

Hopefully your sight is A-OK
Mine is good to go, the distortion is so minor that it isn't a problem, and it is easy to see where the dot originates and that is the aiming point. Besides, i don't have any nv right now, and when I get some, I will be doing it the right way with an IR laser, if I can find a good one to buy.
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