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ETA on SBR barrels?

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Any word 12" SBR barrels with new gas system? I have an XCR begging to be SBR'ed

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I am more interested in when this CQB upper is going to be available. Sending out my SBR paperwork tomorrow!

I spoke with Chuck , of RobArm, today and he told me that they should start assembly of the heavy barrelled XCR just as soon as the barrels come in from the Chromers. Chuck also informed me that they will be producing completed SBR within the next 3 to 4 weeks (hopefully) From what I gather, if you want just the barrel you will have to wait till they catch up building the rifles first.

VB, please drop me an e-mail when you can at [email protected]
Will robarms chop a barrel shorter, to ~11-10.5" on request?
I've seen a couple 11"ers go out in the past few months, if that gives you any encouragement. ;)
I'm about to put in an order for a 11" SBR. Is there any reason to go with the standard 12" as far as performance/operation/reliability is concerned? I just don't want to purchase an "experimental length" barrel or anything.

Any concerns with an 11"? If so ... I'll just order the 12".
How's the waiting list for a factory SBR?
Would it be faster if I did that instead of waiting on just a barrel?
Does RA make factory SBR's with light contour barrels?

cheers, R20
Both my short barrels are cut to 11.5", only because the place that cuts them for me can't get them into the CNC lathe any more (something to do with the HUGE chamber end). My 6.8 runs fine on setting 2. My 5.56 I have to leave on setting 4. I will probably start opening it up 5thousands of an inch until it runs a little better. Not saying that it doesn't run good, I just want to run it on a lower gas setting.

If you have a light barrel make sure if you have it cut yourself that the person doing it knows what they are doing. After you thread the muzzle for the flashhider there isn't much shoulder left. Especially if you are shooting a can, it is easy to get the threads crooked just a little bit and not have the shoulder to help seat the FH. Last thing you want is a baffle strike.
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