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Factory torture testing

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With several factory reps here now, I was wondering if anyone could give a little insight into what sort of reliability and longevity testing is/was performed on the XCR during different stages of development, and then as a finished product shortly before release.... just out of curiosity, if that is not considered proprietary information.
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We check everything. For example, when we put in the ejectors, we get a bolt and slide it in and out, to make sure there is absolutely smooth action. Each part is tested in its own right before we attach it to the gun.
We typically put 6 rounds through each gun. If each round cycles *perfectly*, and ejects well, we perform a safety check on it and call that one good. If it even hesitates on one round, we make some adjustments and put 6 more through it, and again, until it fires perfectly. Then we have someone else cross-check it, then we inspect everything on it again (things like how well the upper and lower fit together, is the barrel fastened tight, does the trigger reset properly, does the safety work, etc.), log in the serial number, and that's that.
Keep in mind that every step is witnessed and signed off by another employee. When we package the gun, it also goes through another box check and is signed off by two of us.
And here's the kicker.... We use Wolf ammo to test fire. It's the one ammo the new guns can't stand. Which is why we use it. If the gun manages to fire clean rounds with the Wolf, it will definitely be fine with anything else.

We really are very careful with them. Each part is put together very carefully, and we don't rush things. It's a matter of pride, and we like to think that there are very very few malfunctions once they leave the building. There will always be an exception every 1 in a million, but for the most part, you're getting everything you paid for. :)
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Thanks Terra... any high round count/"fire to destruction" testing during R&D that you can tell us about?
Terra, thanks for the info, interesting info about the reason for using Wolf ammo for the test fire.
Thanks. Now I have no worries about the ammo I'll use.
Thanks Terra, indeed the bolt & extractor look to be very beefy. I have no doubt the XCR can handle sleet cases ammo.
I have kinda done my own torture testing. the only extraction issues I have ever had was with some santa barbara spanish brass cased ammo. I had 2 ripped off rims with 80 rounds of that crap. BAD AMMO!!! there had been issues with another gun and the person I traded for it with. not gun related at all. I have tried several dozen different types of ammo in the gun and have had pretty consistent good results as far as feeding and extraction, function etc. performance has varied as far as accuracy but is usually under 3" at 100 yards regardless.
I too would like to know if there is some kind of factory mule that has shot XX,XXX rounds before failure, etc.
We did the torture testing way before Terra's time. First of all, we designed the XCR so that it could last and last. We designed the bolt and internal parts so they would not break. Notwithstanding the computer analysis, we shot the hell out of the first test rifles. We had a couple parts break near 15,000. So we redesigned them so they would break period.

In tens of thousands of rounds of testing on several test guns, we haven't broken anything. We've had customers break four or five firing pins and three hammer springs. Both parts were defective.

The good new is that I've got a couple rifles with over 40,000 rounds. If the upper receiver were re-anodized or dyed, it would look new still look new. The lower doesn't look worn at all. We do change barrels around 20,000 rounds.

Remember M16 bolts are supposed to be replaced after 6,000 rounds according to Crane Naval Warfare Center which services lots of SOCOMs M4s.

I just thought you guys ought to know that the XCR was extensively tested over two years before we sold the first one. No part is flimsy or liable to break.


Alex J. Robinson
Robinson Armament Co.
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I take it your not in this business to make money.

Isn't this how Beretta stays in business? By supplying copious replacement parts.

I'm only kidding of course.

Except about the Beretta comment.
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Thanks for the very informative information. It is very re-assuring to know just what torture you have placed our beloved firearms under before you even released them to us, and then to go back and change the design to make it better, stronger, faster.

Thank you for taking part in this forum, and I can't think of one other company that has such access to the management of their weapons system.
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