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I have a couple pics in my XCR folder and there are two of an early XCR with what looks like an FAL folding CH. I have an FAL folding CH, it fits in the slot. A little sloppy, but so is the factory CH.

I own an early XCR, and wouldn't see/trade it for anything else.
The current folding charging handle for the XCR is similar to the inch-version of the FAL FCH. In fact it is the same slide. However, the handle itself has a cut that lets it sit flush with the XCR's body and the lug pin that actuates the bolt is longer for the XCR.
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The top lug is the default part that comes with the FAL FCH and it only works for the FAL. The bottom lug is the custom part for the XCR. The handle is the default one included with the FAL FCH kit that has been modified by milling about .300" of material off it so it can sit flush with the XCR's body.

MountainMan is trying to tool back up to make a new batch of these FCH whenever he can. I'm also interested in making my own FCH solution but I am busy with another project ATM.
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