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Faliure to fire

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I was out shooting today with my second xcr and about 16 out of 80 would'nt light off. They all fired eventually after one or more retries. The ammo was Malaysian and quat surplus. The gun has the old style firing pin. Would removing the blue buffer from the firing pin cure this?
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Call Robarms later in the week as you probably need an upgraded firing pin.
Actually, I'm not sure the firing pin upgrade would fix that. But yeah, have the firing pin upgraded.

Alex said that the upgrade was because of slamfires when using some odd (Georgian IIRC) ammo.
Hey Chan, Definetly call Robarms (before) doing any mods to the weapon. Hell, it may be under warranty. :2cents:
yeah... do NOT remove the blue buffer. That belongs in the firing pin. I doubt the failure to feed/fire is due to the firing pin.
Did you buy the rifle new? Try shooting American Eagle and see how that goes. Sometimes these guns can be finicky starting out. After 300 rounds of hot ammo, they will shoot anything... but until then, problems may be experienced.
Like I said "get with the engineers (RobArms)" it is probably something simple and they have the answer. :duh:
I had a similar experience with my XCR. Turns out, I didn't have the barrel bolt tight enough. When the bolt slammed forward, it pushed the barrel slightly forward, causing light primer strikes.
How is the ammo? Have you had any problems with these two styles before?
If I were a betting man I would put money on the ammo being the problem ::)
I don't think it's the ammo, I've shot this stuff in my other XCR also in 4 of my AR's and never had a problem. The gun is fairly new with about 400 rnds down the tube. As for the barrel being a little loose I torqed the set screw to the recommended 200 inch pounds with an inch pound torqe wrench and checked it after shooting - it was still tight.
Check your serial number against the numbers listed on the robarm website (under upgrades). It may fall in that range and if it does I believe Robarm recommends to not shoot it until having it repaired.

I would initially bet ammo also but if other another XCR is shooting fine then your next COA is call Robarms.
Since you have a second rifle to compare it to...

I would check to make sure that the firing pin is moving equally freely in both rifles when pressed with your thumb, and also, I would check to make sure that the hammer spring in the lower is positioned the same way in both rifles. Does the trigger pull feel much different in one rifle than the other?
How about just swaping the bolt from the known good rifle into the questionable one? That would at least eliminate one possibility.
I can't compare the trigger pulls because my first xcr has Bill Springfields incomparable trigger job. The firing pins on both guns are very hard to push forward. This gun is not on the recall list and I think the recall was for the opposite problem that I am having. I will give Robinson Arms a call after Christmas. I also appreciate everyones help on this matter and really love this site. MERRY CRISTMAS :) :) :) :)
I agree with Aziator, swap the known with the buggered up. Do this BEFORE you call RobArms. That way you can give them more information to work with in diagnosing the solution. Merry Christmas. :tomcat:
Success!!! I called robarms Friday and the nice lady said to just shoot some American Eagle through the gun and every thing would work right. So I shoot 210 rnds of the stuff today and then fired 80 rnds of Malaysian. It worked! Not one failure to fire. I was a little skeptical at first since I already had 400 rnds through the gun and thought it was all broke in. Good call Terra :)
Happy New Year Terra, you helped out another one of us. ::) ::) ::)
My rifle failed to fire the first round. It had a very light firing pin strike. Put it back in and dumped the mag. I think the firing pin return spring is super heavy. This is one of the parts that will benifit from a good break in. I now leave my rifle in the fired position in my safe to loosen up (keep pressure on) the spring or at lease to help break down that tough spring!
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