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Finally have my hands on the XCR-M. Such a hard find, got lucky on Tacswap. Didn't have the cash at the time, so he took a 500 deposit to wait on me. Super cool guy. Have an ACOG TA11 on the way for this thing. And eventually want to find a 14.7 inch barrel to chop to 13.7 and p&w a NOX. I'll have one sandman for all my guns but it's not here yet. Once I have that done, acr stock will follow. Lucky to find those parts right away.

Initial impressions is the machining quality. The tolerances are spot on. The trigger was so dang crisp. It feels like a geissele but a hair heavier. Very positive feedback for the reset. The grip sitting higher made the spring to the detent shorter, making the safety much more difficult to engage. Drilling a tiny bit in the grip gives this safety a more traditional force to engage. Magwell is shorter too, so magpul mags may wobble a little. Due to the feeding method of this gun, I dont see this causing malfunctions. Metal mags remain slop free.

Then I noticed a more unconventional method to building firearms. The pivot pin doesn't have a detent, different style of ejector, screws and loctite almost everywhere, locking mechanism and bolt style. The barrel is not free floating at all. It seems to rely on the rail to hold the gas tube and piston very tight for accuracy. The rail is monolithic and very strong to achieve this by not free floating. Barrel lockup feels extremely tight.

Can't wait to shoot it. Can't find ammo anywhere that's not hunting ammo over a dollar a round. But I'll order some soon. Being that this is a shorty 12 inch with 1:7 twist rate, I'm not sure what ammo would be best for it.


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