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Finally got to the range with new toys

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Yesterday we had 70 degree weather here in Denver and I finally got out with my new toys. Since my last trip to the range my XCR has:
1) the new gas block was installed
2) the new PWS muzzlebrake and flash hider was installed
3) it had Bill's trigger job
4) I have 20 new Magpul Pmags
5) I put the ACOG back on
6) I put the Bipod I got from Tzoid on

We went to an area of the NF that is set up for shooters and set up an IDPA type target at 25yds. I was primarily interested in functionality so I just stuck in a magazine with 20 rds, held to the center of mass standing and squeezed off the first shot with the gas setting at "4". The trigger pull was smooth and the recoil negligible. Encouraged I fired off a few more and discovered I was throwing brass about 30 feet. I dialed it down to "3" and fired another few. Still throwing about 25 feet, so down to setting "2". That was just right, and the brass was going into a nice, tidy pile at about 10-15 feet.

Checking the target showed a big group near center of mass. I went back and tried a magazine sitting. That might have been a stable position for me once but those days are long over without a lot of practice. Never the less, I was able to get small enough group to get the ACOG sighted in.

I then put the bipod on and from a prone position was able to get 20 rapid fire shots into a group the size of the circle made by your thumb and forefinger. I couldn't ask for more no more than I've been able to shoot in the last few months.

We had some other things we were playing with so I only put 80 rounds through the XCR. Bottom line was flawless operation with the surplus ammo I was shooting, a smooth and light trigger that I suspect will get even better with firing, no recoil to speak of with the muzzle brake, and the need to go buy more ammo so I can shoot more often.

Now I'm just waiting for the paperwork on the silencer to come through.
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Glad to hear you had a good time. I went and listened to a few cans yesterday, the most impressive was a AAC 7.62 SD on a .308 bolt gun. I think I will be getting a M4-2000 in 6.8 and a 7.62 SD. I need to put my PWS stuff on and shoot it.
Beautiful day of 75F today so I decided to clean out my back shed. While rummaging around I came across a case of 7.62x39 Yugo that was open but only a couple boxes short. Went to the house and grabbed my Krebs AK, some targets and ear protection. Shot about 200 rounds at close up out to 100meters. That Krebs is the most accurate AK I have ever shot. Ended up shooting both my 40 Glock and .45 Wilson Commander at steels. Damn enjoyable day. Wife asked how the shed cleaning was going, and I lied it was a two or three day job. She just laughed, been married now 37 years she sure knows me too well. :sniper2: :handguns:
I forgot to mention that I was also using my new MSA Supreme Pro hearing protectors purchased through the group buy started by Tzoid. They worked like a champ as well. After shooting the XCR we shot a variety of Sigs and Walthers, including a P239 and P229 in .40S&W and my PPK/S in .22lr.
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