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first shots

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well, i finally got a day off so i could go out to the range for the first time with my new XCR. i didn't get to stay very long, but i had a ton of fun while i was there. round count was only about 60 rounds since i was taking it slow to break in the barrel. shoot once, clean once for a while, then shoot 3 and clean once. no BUIS yet, they are in the mail as i type. no scope, just a very old bushnell holosight to help me get on paper. i have to admit that i was really surprised that i could make head shots at 100 yds quite easily. BTW, i was shooting federal xm193 55 gr w/ no problems to report. hopefully tommorow i can go back out to try shooting at 200 yds. heck, i may even call in sick, is XCRitis curable? ::)
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Can't wait till my first day at the range with mine. :)

With the barrel being chrome lined though, it shouldn't require any special break in procedure.
just a habit i have with any new rifle. perhaps its unnecessary for chrome lined barrels, but i still like to go thru the same routine. just gives me some peace of mind.
Gee, my break in was firing 200 rounds in a short period of time with no cleaning. Now my new FAL is getting cleaned far more frequently.
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