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Fixed power or Adjustable power?

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If you were to scope your XCR what power scope would you put on it? Would it be fixed or adjustable? If adjustable what power range?
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On the XCR I'd be inclined to the 1x-4x scopes. The two that seem the most intriguing are the Meopta and, of course, the Schimdt and Bender. These two seem to be the only ones out there right now that have daytime visible illumination. If you can get past that, the Kahles and Nightforce scopes look very good as well.
Hey Texas, Sloan is wright here. You may also consider an EoTech. They are pretty much "bullet proof" and an excellent short range optic. Best price on these is [email protected] good luck. Gunner69
Got an EoTech on it now. Looking for tube scope. Would like input on power output in fixed or adjustable. THANKS
I've been trying to figure out the appeal of a 1-4x recently. If I want a little magnification, 4x is fine. Less than that, and I don't really see that you are picking up much over irons. (more field of view at the 6oclock position I guess). If I want 1x, I want an Aimpoint with the unlimited eye relief and no parallax (fast). I don't want something that is going to be slow, and also have no magnification... just strikes me as the worst of all worlds.

I don't see myself ever using a 1-4x on any setting other than 4x. Therefore, I'd just get a less mechanically complicated ACOG and call it a day... ymmv.
[email protected],

Do they have a web site? I looked under: astech-usa.com and nothing came up???
I just picked up a 1x4 millet dms1 and put it on the xcr last night, today im going to site it in at the range. I also will take it to the Manettee machine gun shoot with me on sunday to hit tannerite with as my sub guns are pistol caliber and wont set it off . As a rule i perfer aimpoints so it will see if it lives on the gun or gets sold
Ideally, if you just want fast, you go with the Eowhatsit or an Aimpoint. Sure, you can add a magnifier, and they do work pretty well, but they're still a stopgap. They work, but they are not ideal. For some sorts of shooting, nothing beats a tube scope.

The ACOG would be a good choice, but for some folks the BAC just doesn't work. I sort of forgot about the 1x or 4x Elcan, but I have issues with its mount so I'd pass on that aspect alone. I've heard varying opinions on the quality of its illumination. The better part of $2k makes me loathe to experiment with this one.

The other scopes are more scope and the stopgap comes on the 1x-illuminated side. It's the same issue as dot sights, just reversed. I guess it will come down to where you want the strength of sight. Up close with a minor in distance shooting, or best at medium range with a minor in up close and personal. Also, they are better than irons. I have lousy vision and glass always helps me quite a bit. I can shoot irons well, but it's a LOT easier with glass. Also, I'm used to my AUG and like low-powered scopes.

Best of both worlds is buy both worlds! It's only money...
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Best of both worlds is buy both worlds! It's only money...
I would agree with that. I am kinda in the market for a simple 3x9 that I can throw in a GG&G type mount with a throw lever on it so I can swap between the 2. It is nice to have the Eotech when pig hunting in the GA woods but on the occasion I get to take longer shots (wookchuck hunting) it is nice to have that option. Not talking a Nightforce or anything, just something that will do the job.
If I was to look at a variable, I would look at something in the 2-7 range for the XCR. The PD has a Millett DMS and I've shot it, but find myself using either 1 or 4 and sometimes wanted more on the upper end. I like the idea of two scopes with return to zero mounts and hope to do the same for my gun.

I've scoped the XCR out with a 4-16 and it was too big and bulky and I think most 3-9's will probably be as will. BTW the XCR shot great with the big scope but I would not have wanted to carry it or shoot off hand much with it.

For me, I will probably go with the Burris 2-7 with their plex retictle. I have a a 4.5-14 Burris on my precision rig and have found it to be a good scope. The plex reticle is pretty fast once you get used to it and the size of the scope is reasonable.
Thats some good input guys. I'm like Sloan (aged eyes), find that the EoTech is fussy & a scope I can focus. Will use throw levers to interchange as needed. Just trying to figer out what power range that would good to put on the XCR. Any thoughts on throw levers for 1'' tubes.
I am still looking for a good one in 1" but for 30mm I don't think they get much better than the GG&G


A.R.M.S. also makes one that looks like you add your own rings to. That may be a good option.


ARMS also has a 1" insert to use with the larger rings and have the individual QD throw rings if you don't want the base...


And dont forget LaRue Tactical

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Swarovski has a 1x-6x variable now. Pretty slick. However, the cost of admission...is substantial.
Thanks guys, Went with the Burris Short Mag 2x-7x with the Burris Xtreme Tactical 1" med. rings. Installed today. (looks real good) These rings are heavy duty! After installing them I could have gotten the low rings & had space left with this scope. Will site-in next week.
Any pics? What did the scope end up costing?
For the time being I've put a Bushnell 2-7x32 on mine.

I'm waiting for my Millett DMS-1 to be shipped from Midway once they get back in stock. Probably next year at this point.
Hope to get a camera this X-MAS. Will post pitchers if I do. $313.00 w/rings @ OpticPlanet web.
for what is worth i really like the millet i may look for another one myself ;D
Aussie, Just rereading posts. Missed yours. Jim Roberts at ASTECH (EoTech Goodies) Cell (205)915-6003, email [email protected], and web at www.astech-usa.com Good man and you can bargain too. Tell him you know Jack Lalley from Montgomery :duh:
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