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Flood of new piston-driven, side-charging, folding-stock guns at the Candian TACCOM show

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This year's TACCOM show saw so many new gun entrants that are now stepping on Robinson XCR-L's turf: piston driven, bufferless, folding stock, non-reciprocating side-charger.

These guns also improve upon XCR in a couple of ways: they come standard with 1913 picatinny stock adapters, fully AR compatible triggers, and can use a lot of other AR-15 parts.

Of course, the wild card will be the quality and reliability.

Here is a partial list of new competition for the XCR:

1) Black Creek Labs SRV2 Badger: $1600
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Machine gun

2) Crusader Templar: $1700:
Camouflage Military camouflage Machine gun Air gun Shotgun

3) Kodiak Defense WK-180C Gen 2: $1400
White Air gun Trigger Machine gun Line

4) Sterling Arms R18 Mk2:
Spacecraft Engineering Machine Space Space station
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Yeah, to me it has a bit of CZ Scorpion/G36/Faxon ARAK-21 look to it. For 2K (slightly less with just a 1913 adapter), I think I’ll stick with the slightly more expensive XCR. 😬

AEA is selling them in the US

Air gun Trigger Line Gun barrel Font
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