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Flood of new piston-driven, side-charging, folding-stock guns at the Candian TACCOM show

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This year's TACCOM show saw so many new gun entrants that are now stepping on Robinson XCR-L's turf: piston driven, bufferless, folding stock, non-reciprocating side-charger.

These guns also improve upon XCR in a couple of ways: they come standard with 1913 picatinny stock adapters, fully AR compatible triggers, and can use a lot of other AR-15 parts.

Of course, the wild card will be the quality and reliability.

Here is a partial list of new competition for the XCR:

1) Black Creek Labs SRV2 Badger: $1600
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Machine gun

2) Crusader Templar: $1700:
Camouflage Military camouflage Machine gun Air gun Shotgun

3) Kodiak Defense WK-180C Gen 2: $1400
White Air gun Trigger Machine gun Line

4) Sterling Arms R18 Mk2:
Spacecraft Engineering Machine Space Space station
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[QUOTE="themousethatroared, post: 315868, member: 41563"

...but, didn't Canada just finish banning everything remotely AR-ish?

Or is their law based on name, instead of description?
(Their law specifically names "Robinson XCR".)

Yeah, the sterling was the one that stuck out to me.
damn, you're right the crusader is more refined looking and less like something we cobbled together in our garages.
Personally, for $1,800, I'd rather save up a little and get a CZ Bren instead. This would be nice as a collectors item though.

I've been tempted to get one to have a sample of a future episodes forgotten weapons.
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Lol I kinda like it lol yall seen the ptr 63 or the iwi usa Carmel? Both will be some competition I belive, also $1800 seems to be the generally acceptable price for these new piston guns.


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That’s kind of how I feel about the PSA Jakl. If they just spruced up the lower a little and added an Ambi bolt release it would look 1000% better.

Their upcoming AK lower for the Jakl is a different story though. It’s sweet.

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I had forgotten about the "heckel", original prototype great, what they released dog shit. I didn't know they were doing an ak lower.. that may re-peak my interest.
Also PSAs bringing out the H&M stg44, is gonna be 762x39 stanag mag.. also in 8mm Kurt's, 556, and blackout. I'm still in debates on what caliber/s I'm wanting it in.
That Steyr is really cool, I like the ergonomics of it much better than the new Sig.
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