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A couple of my friends' have/had them. They're great guns and shoot really well. However, they are just a .22 magnum with delusions of grandeur. Fun to shoot, though. Also, expensive.

The only caveat I'd have about the 5.7 is I'd highly recomend you do NOT handload for it. It's a particularly hazardous cartridge to work with. There's a reason Dillon won't produce tools for this round. There've been some nasty blowups with both it and the PS90. A web search will give you the details. Suffice it to say that it was never meant to be reloaded and if you do, be VERY careful with it. Don't reuse brass more than once, maybe twice at the outside--if you like living dangerously and are pathologically cheap. You MUST adhere to strict safetly standards when working with it. Do NOT cut corners or attempt to push brass life. Feel lucky to get one reload and leave it at that. Case head seperations are the rule with this cartridge if pushed.
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