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FNH sure got this one right

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These are very nice ,i held one today and this has the Blow Back type system like the Bennelli shotguns do.
As a 308 rifle for Hunting and protection this one is the Crown Jewel.
The one i saw had the pistol grip and straight stack .a 20round Mag and a 5 round.
The 5 round streamlined it into a great Deer rifle.
A real winner from FNH and right before Obama is going to crap on our rights :mad:
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You mean inertia (recoil) operated..
Yup ,it freaked me out also ! that means you can fire cast bullets in it.
Man this thing was well balanced and was very ergonomic.
The Mags looked like you could adapt a mag from an M14 to it with little work at all.
FAL mags aren't flat bottomed so I doubt these are the same.
No they are not the same , this Mag is a heavy thing and looks like it was made on a Mill instead of a stamping.
Mickey ,the recoil is a short stroke piston , the FNH guy i talked to didn't even know about his own gun.
I only held it and aimed it ,i didn't tear anything down on it but i found a web page that showed the piston.
That makes more sense. The Benelli is an inertia operated shotgun.
I saw and held on of these at a local dealer on Friday. It appears to use the action from a Browning BAR hunting semi-auto. I recognized it since I've seen one lots of times as my Dad as hunted white tail with a .270 Browning BAR for years. Mags look like they may be just high capacity versions of the ones for the BAR but I didn't have any for comparison.

Interesting rifle, but it appears to more for tactical / hunting than a true battle rife. It may be accurate, but I doubt it's ability to hold up under battlefield conditions for long. More balanced toward accuracy than durability and reliability.

I think I'd rather have a XCR-M, but the FNAR probably meets my real needs as well or better.

Who knows, maybe the FNAR will survive an AWB since they can claim it's based on a hunting rifle.
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Pistol grip, removeable magazine.....could be close.
Pistol grip, removeable magazine.....could be close.
The Browing BAR hunting rifles also have removable mags and the mags appear to just be high cap versions of the hunting versons.

I've never understood why a pistol grip stock should make a run illegal. It's simply a device to to hold onto the rifle and operate trigger when a straight stock is used to help control recoil. But a wood stok with a thumb hole is OK?

Oh, right, it's government logic....
Get rid of the pistol grip and use FAL mags and I'd be all over it. Otherwise proprietary mags are very expensive.
There is an idea that has been circulating for a while that the 'anti-gun' crowd want to make removeable magazines illegal, and not just removeable hi-cap mags.
You can bet your sweet arse any new "assault weapon" legislation will include any rifle capable of using a detachable magazine.These people are dimwitted pertaining to firearms,but they won't make the same "loophole" mistakes twice.

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