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ATN Aries 390 Paladin Night Vision Rifle Scope - $475 shipped

Never been used.  It has been taken out and turned on.  It works great!  Comes with a IR illuminator that makes it possible to see in complete darkness.

I bought this about a year ago because I thought I would be going on a weekend shooting trip and have the opportunity to shoot at night.  That weekend never happened, and this thing has been sitting in it's case for the last year.  Seeing how some of you guys live out west and probably do some night coyote hunting, I thought someone may get more use out of this.

Here are the specs:

Generation 1st+
Magnification 4X
Lens system F1:1.4, F90mm
FOV 6 deg
Range of focus 4m to infinity
Reticle Red On Green
Windage & elevation adjustments 1/8 MOA
IR illuminator Super 450mw
Battery life 10-20 hours
Dimensions 12"x4"x2.8"
Detection range 150 m
Recognition range 100 m
Diopter adjustment +/-5
Operating temperature -40 °C to +40 °C
Weight 2.8 lbs.

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