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For Sale - Robinson M96 in 6x45(6mm/.223) AND 5.56/.223

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Robinson M96 Expeditionary Rifle/ Recon Carbine Combo. Beautiful Dura Coat Camo Finish, has updated Mag Well with bolt hold open/release (comes with original spare) and operators manual. Expeditionary length barrel, 20.25" 6x45 (6mm.223), with less than 100 rounds through it. Recon Carbine barrel has Smiths flash and is 16". BOTH calibers use any standard AR magazine. Dies for the 6x45 are available from most die manufactures. Lube a standard 5.56 case, resize it in the 6x45 die and you are ready to reload...... even a caveman can do it. Comes with a box (20 rounds) of 85grain SPs, ready to hunt with. Copy of load data provided, if asked. DOES NOT come with the Eotech pictured. 1st postal money order for $1,475, delived to your FFL.



Good investment for the future..... :2cents:
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Gunner, why are you selling?
THAT is SEXY! Man, If I could get the money up I would be all over that like stink on a monkey! If it is still available after I get my raise I'll hit you up for it bro!
Aziator, Unfortunately I need the money during the holidays. We have relatives visiting from Canada and will need to take them around. Gun is in great shape and should gain in value. The 6x45 is what the 5.56 should have been. Hits metal targets and drops them, not like the "ping" of the 5.56. ;D
Hey there Gunner69, I sent ya an e-mail.
WOW, Jack. Beautiful color!
Thanks all, sold pending funds. Thanks Pete.
Thanks all, sold pending funds. Thanks Pete.
Excellent! Congratulations!
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