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From the mans mouth

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Spoke to Alex for a good bit yesterday about what to expect from Robarm in the next few months and he told me that the stock is coming along real nice. He said the Match Trigger is almost ready to go into production and that they are working on the PDW. He made it sound like the PDW would be ready right around the time the stock is ready. The Op rod for the PDW is almost done and they will be cutting a few inches off the upper and the barrel will be around 10.5".

They are working on the gas block mounted sights with a rear sight to go along with it. Those are still a little bit off, the stock is his number 1 priority right now.

We spoke a little bit about a .22LR conversion and he said they have been talking about it and it will happen, just don't have the time to devote to it right now.

So, for the next 3-4 months we should expect to start seeing the following from them

1. Match Trigger
2. PDW
3. Stock

The stock sounds pretty cool, it should be super strong and about the same width as the tube stock right now. Of course it folds and collapses, should be real nice.

From the sound of it he is closer on the PDW than we might think. He wouldn't commit to a timeline but that is understandable. He will be offering both uppers and complete guns for the PDW.

In all, I think 2008 is going to be an exciting hear for fans of Robarms. We spoke a little about the .308, don't worry it is coming. He also said that they are working on cutting down the time it takes to get a custom ordered barrel (length/contour).
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BTW, Aziator, I've been meaning to ask. Is your avatar an xray of a broken bone?
not quite, I was diagnosed with bone cancer in Sept. That is an xray of the bone after they removed it all. I have a nice plate in there for the rest of my life but they got all the cancer and everything looks good.
This is terrible news. I am going to have to work some more OT to pay for the goodies. If the stock is half as nice as I am hoping it's a given for me. The trigger, if the price is close to a Bill Springfield, is a possibility.

I was already looking at a heavy, 18 inch barrel, possibly a short barrel, and a conversion kit hopefully this year. It sounds like it is going to be a good, but expensive year.

I was even hoping to add a MASADA to the collection but if all these goodies come out, I probably can't afford it.
I'll be real interested in the stock and the trigger, and if both look good I will definitely buy them.
Hey Aziator - good to hear they got it all man! I hate to hear about any health issues - just brings me down, so your good news is my good news.
Good to hear the Army was able to take care of your big "C"...... that would have taken a shitload of green on the outside.
I have a pin in my ankle and had 13 pins and a six inch plate in my elbow. The pins and plate in the elbow bothered me big time so they finally took out all but a couple. They've been in there since '91 and I don't have any issues. The xrays of my elbow looked like a porcupine with steel quills for awhile.

It's good they got the C all out.
So it sounds like the PDW will be basically a short barrel XCR-L, which is fine. If fact, put me on the list. However, I don't think of a PDW as just a SBR. It also needs to shoot a PDW round such as the FN P90 (5.7x28) or the Knights PDW (6.0x35). Is a 5.56x45 or 6.8x43 in a 10 inch barrel the right choice?
From how it sounds the rail will be shorter along with the collapsible stock, should be a pretty small package. I don't really buy into the whole PDW round, I like having the 5.56. I told Alex to sign me up for the first 6.8 PDW, I think it would make a great door kickin gun.
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