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FS: Robinson Armament M96 .223

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This is a friends rifle, as he has no internet I am posting for him. I have no experience with this rifle so will try to describe it as it was described to me. Any one that knows more about these rifles feel free to chime in, also let me know if his asking price is in line.

Robinson M96, Epeditionary Rifle marked receiver with 16" carbine barrel, .223 1:9 twist, YHM muzzle brake, newest version of adjustable gas block system, tall rail with flip up rear sight-sight folds below top of rail($150 value), bolt release mag well(as I understand it these were normally only found on the military version)(unkown value). Also comes with owners manual, original rear sight, original mag well and an extra new bolt and carrier($200 value). Approx. 3000 rds fired through this weapon. $1975 shipped.

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Email sent
I would love to get one of these one day. Especially with a spare bolt. Best of luck with the sale...
Reduced $1925.00 shipped.
Give Gun Trader a try, too. M96s get snatched up on there. :)
Any body at $1800 shipped for the whole package.

The owner will part this out but the rifle must sell first, rilfe with original mag well and original rear sight put back on $1475 shipped, extra bolt $210 shipped, rail $200 shipped, and mag well with bolt release $180 shipped.
OK, I'll be holding on to it until I hear back from you.
yayayayayay! PM me your phone number.
Terra, I expect to see pics of you shooting that M96 in this thread soon. Any chance you could talk Alex into bringing back the M96?
Terra, I expect to see pics of you shooting that M96 in this thread soon. Any chance you could talk Alex into bringing back the M96?

I ask him all the time. It would be a massive, expensive undertaking. We'd like to... But whether or not we actually will is another matter.

the M96 isn't for me, silly. Just a friend in need on one. :p
I have a friend who *might* be interested in buying the bolt; I will check with him... is the bolt still available?
Whole package is still available, will check with owner of rifle to see if OK to part out before rifle sells. Not sure if wants to sell the extra parts before the rifle sells.
Rifle has been put back in orginal configuration, rail and extra bolt have been sold. Rifle is now $1200 and the bolt release mag well is $200. Will try to get updated photo's soon.
Mag well is SPF (thanks Terra), rifle still available.
What is the location of this rifle?

Does he have the original box?

What is the prefix for the SN#

Very interested in the rifle.
Rifle is in Helena, MT
No box
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