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Gas Adjustment Problem!

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I have finished my break in period. After 350 I am ready to set her to number 2. I have the old gas setting system and she is set on #4. I have read the the manual and followed it closely. For some reason I am unable to move the gas adjustment nut. It is extremely tight! I am using a 5/8 wrench. I have tried removing the barrel ( per the instructions on page 16 of the manual) nothing is working. If I place to much persure on the nut it will strip. Am I doing something wrong. Please help!
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I can't imagine you would strip the nut. I would spray it down with some hoppes or other gun solvent and let it soak. I noticed that the nut gets some fouling and this should help.
Still not able to budge the nut. The 5/8 wrench just slips off the bolt!
Quit while you're ahead. A gunsmith would probably only charge $20 or so to remove it for you.
Crap! I know I've been working on it all night, nothing! It will not move. I give up. I'll call Robinson tomorrow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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