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Gas Block Questions

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I have a 14.7 inch barrel with a pinned flash hider. I have ordered a FSC556 muzzle break but I still have the old gas block. I am pleased with the old style gas block but need to know if I can get a conversion kit or kits with the old style gas block now and down the road?

If not, then I need to upgrade when I switch out the muzzle attachments.

If I do switch out, can anyone with a new block tell me how easy they are to clean? I completely disassemble my gas system every two to four range days and like how easy it is to strip/clean. Are the new blocks/valves as easy?

Thanks. I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row in the next couple of weeks.
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I think, and I could be wrong, that the conversion kits are all the new gas system.

If you are changing calibers, the gas system comes out with the barrel, so in my thinking, couldn't you have a barrel with the old system and another with the new system and it wouldn't make any difference?
The reason I ask is I believe the new gas block uses a different head on the gas piston. I would not want to have to switch piston heads every time I wanted to switch calibers.
The new system does have a new head on the piston. I don't believe you'd be able to swap barrels if they had different gas blocks unless you had the new piston.
Correct, completely new head on the piston. I will have to order a new block for my 5.56 barrel as the 6.8 has the new system. I asked Alex and he said that the new system is better, something about a better seal.
I'll probably upgrade to the new block/valve when I switch out muzzle attachments. Can anyone confirm that the new system can be totally stripped for cleaning?
If by totally stripped you mean removing the piston head and removing the gas block from the barrel yes, just like the old system. Not really sure how necessary it is to clean it often, I have never asked Alex that. My old style didn't look all that dirty when I took it off for the new system and that was over 5K rounds of 5.56
Since my FH will be pinned, removing from the barrel won't be an option. I pull the gas valve every couple of range days so I can run a brush through the gas system. I also run a 1/4 inch bit inside the gas valve. Can this level of detail cleaning be done without removing the gas block from the barrel?
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