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sounds interesting... I can bring it up with the engineers & Alex.
Before distracting Alex from finishing my XCR-M, keep in mind the benefits of Nitride are dubious and only applicable with VERY specific types of metal, heat treatment time and temp, and gas type. Its a very inconsistant process which, and requires a lot of overhead to get, which is partly why the 556 is known as being a 2MOA to a 6 MOA gun. Irregularties in barrels = spotty accuracy. On machine tools nitriding works great because precision isnt a concern. Hell, I'm convinced only Swissarms is anal enough to mass produce nitride barrels and get it right.

Also, corrosion resistance is determined by testing, not a process. Nitride has the potential to be slightly more corrosion and abrasion resistant than chrome, but the only way to find out is to abuse a batch of barrels. Obviously with chrome we know what we are getting, and the standards industry wide are very good.
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