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Just thought I'd share with ya'll a bit 'o what I deal with now on a daily basis. This isn't the terrorist you are accustomed to think they are but they've been responsible for over 3000+ this year so far and a lot closer than you think.

Browse the following news links. They are only border/Mexico related. I find it fascinating how this seems to darn near by pass completely the US news, but rest assure it is at our door steps and already spilling over. No, no tin foil hat thing. No conspiracy. No "sky is falling". I just see it everyday now where it used to me once or so a month.

Many links to videos and articles. Again, these are only border related.

See for yourselves.

We'll start with this:

I'm getting this video. I already seen it and we all agree it's 100% on the money:
WATCH THIS ONE!! Check out the trailer, the video is about 1 hr 45 min long.
In the video has more real footage than re-enactments, but the re-acts last longer. You can tell which is which. The part you see where the gun goes to the head and is shot (but cut out in th trailers) is real.

Followed by a few that I've personally dealt with:

My most recent work as of last week. I had to deal with south side agency to ID and attempt to track down the shooters. Pics are worth 1000 words in any language:

Now let's move to other border regions,
I had to deal with this one a while back, I've met one of the cops killed:

Here is more along with dickhead John Ladd's expertise and his drunk ass dad, Jack Ladd. He's a rancher with a whopping 100 head of cattle. He's more of a bullshit farmer than a real cattleman, but the story is on the money. The Barnett's a total different story, but they weren't asked:http://www.svherald.com/articles/2007/05/17/news/doc464c17745ab95135960173.txt

More Cananea:

Other border violence stuff:

Tijuana Shootout Jan 2008

Other TJ shootout:

Newer TJ stuff, but it's now over 70 killed in les than 2 weeks:

More of the same recent TJ stuff:

Old news for a "record setter" in TJ:

Here is a summary index page. It's supposed to be about all news TJ related but care to guess what's the main problem?(10/08) Again, just TJ:

Hidalgo Co. TX recent BP v. cartel exchange:

Old news, same area:

The latest, well sorta because there will be a new shootout, and I mean battle, or execution somewhere along the border every 12 hours or so now:

Now here is what I mean of the first things to expect b/c they are already happening:

Old news...at least to me it is:

More of the same old, same old:

Cool videos, in Spanish but you get the message:

In Texas, drug (smuggling) related:

Hudspeth County TX. I've had the same chases many times as you'll see in the video. I have pics of some aftermath.http://www.kfoxtv.com/bordersecurity/6911788/detail.html

Testimony related to above:

Another one, same outcome:

Not exactly on border, but it's related to border drug cartel. Cool vid:

Border Violence videos:

Good video, but with a hugemongous raging anti-gun message big time:
Part I
Part II:

More other of the same shit:

So you may all understand a bit about the narco-culture, and it is a culture:

Always interesting local news link (TJ/Mexicali-Border):

Now for fellow Agents I knew personally that have fallen::(

I've worked with Kris even though he was NPS. It was odd that Kris got killed since it was BP Agents all around him.

I worked the night before Louie git killed, same area waiting for same vehicle that ran him over. And no, it was not an accident.

And the latest one (US related)........ drumroll please...................... :

Let's see how long before that story gets buried. And BTW, a lot of the text used to mention "Mexican" a lot. Now it says "hispanic a few times.

Now what's odd (not really) is how is none of this hitting mainstream media and this is the worse it's ever been in our history? And add to that, not one word mentioned by either candidates? I guess Americana are too concerned with the financial "crisis", the elections, and Joe the plummer to pay attention to the war we are having down here.

BTW, there are way too many other links, but feel free to poke around and search things like "Mexico, border, shootings, executions, assasinations, drug war, naco-terrorism, zetas (do look that one up, they have recruiting videos on youtube), well there are many more.

It's there, it's real, and it's happening now.

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We have had the IRA in the UK and the home grown muslim fanatics. Welcome to our world.

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I knew Mickey would be first to comment, lol.

But I will say this; the IRA was direct terror group against the government and I remember constantly hearing about then in US news. As far as Muslim terror, we've already seen them in action here and there. But the big difference is the total lack of attention this is getting in the US and, well I can't tell if it's being reported the same ay in Europe. It is all over the Mexican media every single day with at least 2 or more, up to over a dozen incidents daily. The count is well over 3K for 2008 and these are deaths directly linked to narco terrorism and regular ol' homicides and local dealer taking out another is not included.

Now if these guys are only knocking each other out, or killing cops in Mexico only, I can see it being ignored. What really says "Don't mention about it" more than anything is how the initial reports of that kid in LV being kidnapped, a tactic commonly used in Mexico that's already being done by non-narco groups, was first reported as the culprits being Mexican, posibly headed toward Mexico (this is how we first got the info) now they've been lighly mentioned as hispanic, which would include a lot more suspect.

Bottom line there is a difference between looking for a Mexican that a hispanic male. And this is a narco terrorist tactic to the tee already having occurred on US soil several times but hardly reported. This too will fade away quickly from media attention.

(**EDITED TO ADD**Take that back, they've gone back to mention "Mexican" and "Mexico": http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,439922,00.html )

The huge difference between these assholes and that of the IRA is that the cartel has lots of money. And in comparison to a muslim fanatical terrorist is that more are willing to kill for money and power than die, or martyr oneself, for a faith based cause.

And before it's brought up, illegal immigration is the roots a much of this problem of crap happening on the US side, but it's not the driving force.

American drug consumption is the driving force but "legalizing it" is going to accomplish what? Are we going to legalize all drugs too? I'm betting some idiot will bring it up. Some idiot because they don't understand how narco-terrorist do things, as to why they do it, the culture, the products they push, to who, and why, and so on. And that's another discussion, so please bring that topic up somewhere on another thread.

What is happening is here and now. If you all want to see where this will head just look at Columbia in the 80's and 90's, but it will be to a bigger scale and happening on both sides of the border. I also predict Mexico in a state of civil war, spurred by narco-terrorism, but the difference being narco terrorist organization creating civil war in southern Mexico in order to gain free and total control of northern Mexico. As illegal immigration has dropped, something they've always have used as a diversionary tactic for years, they are now left out in the open. The drug trafficking organizations will bed down with anyone to allow them free access and if there is anything they'd love to do it to create a lawlessness along the border.

This problem has yet to reach it's full potential. Only add to the "financial crisis" we are having here, does a greater impact to Mexico. If the banks don't loan out money to generate legitimate business all that would be left is the narco terrorist groups who have lots of it. Then every, once law abiding Mexican, and many US citizens, will end up owing favors.

More videos of TJ (2007 and 2008) with some cool footage of G3s, FALs, and a DaeWoo with some goofy set up:

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A lot of these are moving around lately ,they are supposed to not exist but a small town in Kentucky knows better.
They were involved in an international incident in 2007 ,so they were said to not exist.
Most People think what you are thinking,so the DOD loves that because it makes the people who see one sound like a nut.
If they are seen and they have to explain it it is called a Hover Craft prototype which is where the technology really started by trying to eliminate the Props and fans. The Technology has been around for a long time but the advances in Jet Propulsion has advanced a great deal in the last 15 years. Some people have seen them and it isn't any big deal ,and others freak out or don't believe it. But the Stealth fighters and Bomber were around a long time before becoming common Knowledge. I know they exist ,i have seen the after math left by them , and I know Military people who have seen them moving around or in Hangers.
The only reason this Photos were taken is because the arm you see on the rear is for a lot of uses ,this one was trying to get into a good position to get a Satellite signal so the appendage was up.
The outside is covered in Digi Cam ,so the only reason these photos came out was because the light was hitting it just right ,other than that all you would see is a Blob mess.

This is with the arm down .

This is when it was moving away

Story's are they have had a lot of problems ,but they have worked those out now ,and you do not want to lock horns with one of them at all.
But one incident were it is suspected they were used was as a UN inspector said ( it was a field of bloody death , and the aggressor had left no signs of them ever being there. The Body's were everywhere and the town is burned to the ground .)

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10/12/07 /// JANES .. ( 23417712 ) 0200 / segment 12 // Venice/Russell
An unnamed Country in Africa who has a History of violence , Called on Russia telling them their Military had encountered from what the explanation sounded like it was the SARAC weapons system . This Country was across its borders occupying a Small Town with Armor and Troops . It was over some local dispute ,but then they began shooting the Town officials for something their commander said he wanted ,and that he had American and British Hostages and he was prepared to shoot them if his demands were not met.
This was beginning to happen fast , Radio Transmissions from the Terrorist were blatantly clear and Very Hostile. They were demanding they be connected with President Bush ,or Secretary of State Rice . America had six hours ,or as the commander of the Rebels said , America will once again be responsible for the Death of its citizens and those of the English. During the six hours everything went silent ,then just 5 hours into the Dead Line this transmission came in Arabic to a receiving station in Iran.
Translated it said:
No sound came to us ,the trees fell and parted and three of the insects came from them ,three of them bigger than my Tanks.
The Men feared this Monster ,and fired all the guns at them and rejoiced at our victory. But i see them move,and they are there and are from only the evil.
Still they came , then they made a bell sound and a smoke ring formed on its face.
All the Men and the vehicles next to the wall exploded into fire killing everyone.
These three split and began devouring our men in this fire ,and ringing its bell.
My men hid behind the school ,but it came over the roof ,,this had no legs and its breath was hot.
Then i saw this was from a man , it had guns and it began shooting ,killing those who were trying to surrender. The men exploded into dust and cried out for Alla.
Few of us got away and who ever sent these to us is a dark force indeed.
Your help in exposing these criminals is needed soon
Before they can kill again.
Major, Abeatu Zanquasi

This was in August 2007 , The Russians filed at the Hague, And its security counsel in the UN ordered an investigation , but nothing ever came of it.
The US continued to be mentioned , No mention was ever made that the Terrorist were holding some British and American civilians as Hostages.
The Terrorist were connected to a group said to be linked to Al Quida , working with these Somalian Troops saying they wanted Bush to release 16 members of their organization being held in Cuba, or they were going to start shooting the prisoners.
These Hostages said they never saw anything ,except they did hear the bell sounds followed by huge explosions . When their captors ran outside to see what it was they then fled into the jungle screaming something loudly . They had left so quickly they left their weapons and provisions along with some of their shoes.
The Hostages upon looking out of the House they were being held in said that the whole town was littered with the body's of the troops and the Terrorist.
The entire Town was deserted ,and on fire , Then in about an Hour two British Helicopters landed and they were taken to a safe place for debriefing. `
The entire incident ended with none of the hostages being killed ,and all of the Terrorist were eiather Dead or had retreated . After the investigation and the summerys the book was closed on this incident , and Toni Blair made the comment to Parliament , that the United States was under a different administration this time.

There are all kinds of bits and pieces to this story , An Italian News paper put the death toll at 171 dead and no wounded. Its Reporter said it was Erie , a battle this big and only the body's from one side ?
It looked like the Town could never be rebuilt , even the animals were lying dead in the streets . And still no trace of who or what had done this much Damage.
The Body's of the dead looked like they were shredded , and the area had a strong smell of sulfur.
Russian investigators who surveyed the area found shrouds made of Aluminum.
Shaped like small arrows or Flechetts , these were sent to Russia for analysis.

I don't think the US is to awfully afraid if they start shooting up the Homeland.
But Obama dosent need to be in control of anything the US has in secret.

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It was tough for us though. For years London got a reputation as a dirty city. But we couldn;t have litter bins/trash cans as they used to put bombs in them. Also for my entire military service I was not allowed to wear a uniform in public. It made me a target and endangered my family. When travelling unless in convoy or in military vehicles we had to be dressed as civilians. Domestic terrorism is very hard to fight. We spoent 38 Years in Northern Ireland and still had to compromise by giving the terrorists part control in the government.

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OK is this better ?

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Thanks for all the info i303. It will take awhile to go through it all.

Why isn't it in the news?
1. Having to deal with an issue like this would be bad for both candidates. And since the media controls this election, they won't make it national news.

2. What we did in Columbia was a great success (although it took a long time) and a model that can be repeated. The dems won't even allow Columbia into free trade. Talking about Columbia is not good campaign fodder either.

Phalanx, I thought you were getting nutty until the last paragraph.

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Thanks for all the info i303. It will take awhile to go through it all.

Why isn't it in the news?
1. Having to deal with an issue like this would be bad for both candidates. And since the media controls this election, they won't make it national news.

2. What we did in Columbia was a great success (although it took a long time) and a model that can be repeated. The dems won't even allow Columbia into free trade. Talking about Columbia is not good campaign fodder either.

Phalanx, I thought you were getting nutty until the last paragraph.
At the end of the day this problem we have in the USA is rooted 100% in capitalism. Big companies like cheap slave labor, they pay off politicians who like votes, thus open borders remain an issue. This has nothing to do with civil rights, its all about money.

Unbridled, unregulated capitalism is an amoral, faulty, self defeating philosophy. Making a buck is not the end all, be all. Sometimes what you pay is not what something costs.

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Wristlock no i am not getting nutty , Now when the Gentleman brought me those Photos At first if i hadn't known him i would think he was nutty. I don't fall into the Alien ,UFO crap ,never did and i live close to Roswell . But you should see the Pics in person ,there is a reason they do not show up well ,but i about shit. He explained where they came from and he had taken them near his farm .
He knew me and because of where i work he thought i could shed some light on them.
Its a long story but i pulled some strings and received a call from a man who knew what they were. They have been around for a long time.
The technology is simple when you have it presented to you. We have all seen a Hover Craft ,on TV or what ever. These came about from a program the Navy had to try and eliminate the props and fans on the Hover crafts. A Scientist who excelled in Jet propulsion designed a new type engine for the Navy ,and it did work very well . But it also had unlimited possibility's also.
This was 1994 , through trail and error prototypes were Built . Im not going to go into it ,or show the other photos , but i am not BSing.
The technology is here now ,and was in 1994 , use your imagination and think ,, What could i do with two revolutionary scram jets if they could be controlled and turned vertical ? And what if with today's computers it could be controlled even better like some aircraft?
You know like the Stealth Bomber , that if it were not for the Computer a Man couldn't fly it. and like the stealth this would be secret for as long as we could keep it that way. Lets say we put these two engines into a craft ,turn the engines rotation opposite of each other so they counter each others torque .like a Helicopters rotors. Add Armor to this along with the newest weapons , and sense it hovers we could make it smooth and contoured so most anything fired at it would glance off its reactive armor, and that make it a stealth also.
Anyone who saw it would think it was a UFO, and anyone who says they have seen those is dismissed as a nut job . So that part is perfect , Add a coating of Digi Cam to its surface and it would be difficult to phonograph or see with Digital equipment.
It could climb to 1000 ft , then back down again ,no terrain would be an obstacle even water.
The new engines turn so fast, that the noise is that the human ear cant hear ,so it is also silent unless you are a Dog.
It wouldn't need a turret because it can turn 360 Degrees in seconds. It could also pitch and yaw to point its gun ,that now can be all within the hull itself and be an auto loader ,even a rail gun like the Navy is outfitting its cruisers with.
Add some missles , a couple of 20mm cannons , and what would you have ?
I would tell you what no one would ever have again.
Fixed fortifications
Possibly even some surface vessels
And perhaps no more low flying aircraft, lightly armored.
Helicopters would now become the hunted , the first time one comes flying in and looks over and this has ,,say a 106 cannon level with them and locked on the choppers will stay a lot higher from now on.

You would have yourself a real sweetie wouldn't you ?
And what if like in the photo below these you had that ? fly's like a fighter yet it can hover also.
Yup im nuts ,no such thing exist ,we need a link , All those people in that Little Kentucky Town were just seeing things .
The DOD told them it was just a Navy Hover Craft ,but one of their Senators asked them what the hell is a Navy Hover Craft doing in Kentucky?
Plus a little incident in Africa during a hostage situation never made the news , because the Terrorist all died for some reason.
And a UN investigator was amazed at the death toll and the carnage ,and that there were only the body's of one side there.
But a radio transmission to Iran from a panicky Major told a story of horror.
It later was blamed on the Israeli Macure Battle Tank , when asked the US had no idea what they were talking about.
Remember , Clinton had just sighed a treaty with Russia, Iran's Allie called the Peace Dividend. So no way was it us. A bunch of guys in the Military or having just got out verified seeing these in hangers . Other people have seen them also just sitting in a field.
Move on nothing to see here ,nothing to see ,Phalanx is full of it .but i thought you should know ,do you think Obama should have the keys to any of these? And why are they showing up all over the place now if they don't exist ? and they are.

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I believe we will be hearing from these very soon. The siteings are stating to be all over the Country and the ID is the same.
Some Police in Texas as of Friday sure believe ,so dose their Department.
Some thing changed about them also last week , something profound that a lot of observers were waiting to see if it did happen.
They are not just Brain Child toys anymore .

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Very Interesting. A lot of sci-fi weapons have turned up in the past 20 years: portable x-ray lasers, EMP bombs; focused microwave emitters, rail guns. And a fair number of reports sneak out about more exotic weapons. I remember reading a report from Jane's back around 2003 about one of our tanks being taken out by a single hit from what sounded like a small-arms size rail gun. But that also does not exist.

Any idea what this thing is called? I ran a search through a database of a couple of dozen defense periodicals with the names xanter and SARAC and didn't come up with a thing.


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thanks for taking the time to post that. I really had no idea all of this was going on, at least at this level.


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Not a problem tk.. I'm here to serve.

However I'm still trying to figure out what's with the UFO and secret weapons posting have to do with border and Mexican cartel violence.

Oh well.

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Over 3,800 killed in Mexico year to date 2008 related related solely to drug trafficking attacks and assasinations. To put that in to perspective, according to these guys: http://www.icasualties.org/oif/iraqideaths.aspx, Iraq had 4220 deaths YTD '08 not including coalition deaths (about 200). Afghanistan is at 5,100 YTD. Since the beginning of the war in Iraq in 2003, U.S. combat deaths are 3,388 and 616 in Afghanistan. Mexico is the 2nd most dangerous place for journalist topped only by Iraq. According to Wiki, about 2000 military and civilians were killed during hostilities in Georgia. And none of these figures include missing which may put Mexico on top of Iraq if not pretty darn close.

Another article summarizing what's been going on:


I would say the article smells of BS. Read down where it covers what is in the bill to aid Mexico. It includes "equipment" to trace where weapons are being bought from (US). What "equipment" would that be? Computer terminals with ATF databases?

Love how it's only the US's fault. One for the 90% of weapons. That's because cartels can get whatever they want by whatever means. So ATF will stomp on our right for the sake of Mexico, like they've really have gone all out when we were being overran by their citizens. Then there are that 10%. Those would be crew served weapons, grenades, and RPG/LAW missles. Shit that can't be bought at a US gun store Paco. So if they can get their hands on those, wouldn't it also be just as easy for them to get their hands on assault rifles from the same source? 90% of guns came from the US my ass.

And as usual we are the consumer so the entire thing is the US's fault. Let's review sales 101. You sell a product to a customer. The more customers you get the more you sell therefore to more you make. So if what you sell is illegal drugs, which are addictive, wouldn't it be better for business to push more drugs? So the best thing to do is treat the users? And don't get into the legalization debate. Are we going to allow all drugs to be legal? To stop a bleeding wound you do what? Keep on soaking up the blood as it bleeds out? Or do you put presure on the wound and arterial points? The reason why the drug trade is so big is because drugs to be sold have been brought in to this country with the most money. Legalizing drugs is suicidal because just look back at the history of drug use. Whatever becomes legal the next worse thing is in line to be pushed.

Other news you guys probably didn't know about regarding grenade attacks on a US Consulate Office in Moterrey, NL, Mexico:


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Don't confuse crime with terrorism. Admittedly the FBI et al, try to call everythng terrorism so they can use the Patriot act to get around peoples rights, but much of this is plain old crime.

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The word terrorist didn't start to get tossed around until the '70's. Had it been around during the prohibition it could have easily been tagged to the mob and other gangsters.

Yes, I do see and agree what you are saying Mickey, but the only difference is the agenda. One does it for a political agenda while the other does it for a monetary agenda.

Most definition of terrorist state the use of force for a political belief, but look at the tactics being used and try to tell me that they are not trying to use organized violence to influence and intimidate the population AND the government.

Yeah, i know the FBI love's to call what they want whatever they want. I deal with it daily. When the same assholes "organize" to send a dope load through, they send their 3 or 4 scouts in to the US with radios, bino's, radios, and at time long guns. The then deplot their sentries aong the south side to watch for rival dope gangs trying to knock them off, unpaid Mexican officials, and us. Then at the right time and highly guarded they bring in the goods. The drivers are told to do whatever they have to do to bring the goods back if they encounter us.

And when we do catch scouts, mules, and drivers, the AUSA's office are Johnny on the spot to decline them all unless some extenuation circumstances are present. After all dope smuggling is only a crime. But the same assholes are the ones who are commiting terrorist acts in order to gain inffluence over the people and the government.

AND there is a lot more that I connot comment on. What I did comment on is all too common of an occurence so nothing specifically is pointed out. Along with that, for years I've known how organized drug smugggling organizations are and knew for a bit less time what they are capable of doing.

BTW, I'm not a numbers/stat type of guy. The numbers I mentioned in my previous post are the stuff that I find around in 'da net'. But the numbers killed regarding "Narco-terrorism" I've been tracking for a while. They've always reached at least in the high 1000's for every year I've worked along the border. It's just this year they've reached numbers now seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe the body count for '07 was 2,700. These are the number of bodies as a result of organized assasinations, executions, attacks relating only to drug trafficking organization. These numbers do not include everyday homicides, or street level dealer v. dealer killings. I'm sure the number could be higher because we wouldn't know is something that looks like a non related homicide may be related.

But I think it's way evident now that DTO's are not trying to be low keyed and they have no problem sending a message to the Mexican government. What also floors me is how the US news is all over a bus bomb that killed 4 in Iraq (no US military) and the grenade attacks at the US consulate office in Monterrey has been mostly ignore. Maybe because there are more US news hungry journalist in Iraq than in Mexico.

I will state the following, and that is it is only a matter of time before it escalates and spills over in to the US. I will also say that Mexico is prime to slip in to civil war. I can easily see DTO's that operate all over the northern part of Mexico can easily finance a civil war in the south, where the largest part of the poorest and uneducated Mexicans live, AND where the Mexican military conscribe most of their soldiers, all in order to take the heat away from them. And now that they've graduated to grenades and grenade attacks on unrelated population, and well beyond decapitations, how long before DTO's use IED's?

Da latest:

Four Severed Heads Sent to Mexican Police Station in Drug-Related Violence
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A cooler containing the heads of four men has been delivered to police in Mexico.

The grisly discovery was made by a messenger who took delivery of the parcel at the main police station in Ascension, near the violent city of Ciudad Juarez, on the U.S. border.

The container was marked "sensitive," and police at first believed the shipment was meant to be delivered to a hospital.

Officers said the heads were from men aged between 25 and 35 and could belong to any of 10 local people who were kidnapped last week by gunmen.

Police are working to identify the heads and inform next of kin.

Ciudad Juarez is said to be the most dangerous city in the country, with more than 1,000 of Mexico's 3,800 drug-linked killings taking place there since the start of the year.

More than 200,000 white-clad demonstrators took to the streets earlier this year to protest over rising violent crime.

More people have been killed this year than in all of 2007 with Mexico overtaking Colombia and Iraq with its kidnapping record.

However, numbers could be much higher as many rights groups say two or three more kidnappings are committed for each one reported.
My final word, I see what's been going on in Mexico like me standing on a hill near the border as I watch a huge storm with lightning and flooding rain pouring down stall just on the south side. As I watch this I can see from a distance people running for their lives, emergency vehicles respond and I know that a flimsy border fence will do nothing to stop that storm from coming in to the US. But as I face north and look to see if the American people are ready I see that they are not even looking. As I get a few people's attention I see the same look in their faces as I see on my teen age son's face. The "huh", "what", "I dunno", and "I forgot" look. Of course if I ask the American people "Do you see that?" I get "Huh?". I then point to Mexico and say, "Do you see what's going on there?". The reply, "What?". I come back with, "Aren't you paying attention?". American people, "I dunno?". Me, "Do you even know what I'm talking about?", reply is, "I forgot".

I won't get fustrated if the American people do continue to ignore it. After all it's not in their news. Their government isn't bringing it up. So as sheep the American people continue to worry about, well the American people. I mean what exactly can I do? All I do is stand on this little high point near the border and watch the show. I'm more than positive that I will be yet in to more fights along the border. These fights will increase and turn in to skirmishes and battles and later attacks in the US. Only then the American people will wake up and say, "WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?", "How this can be?", and my fave, "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL US ABOUT THIS DANGERS? WHO DO WE BLAME FOR THIS NEGLIGENCE? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!". In the meantime I will still be here laughing my butt off.

Then the US government will be free to enact more laws to combat this new threat and the American people will gobble it up.

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they used to be called revolutionaries. Same thnig you guys did in the late 1700s. 1776 ish I believe.
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