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Girlfriends, Wives , Fianc'e's or yourself with XCR.... : )

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oK....Post ya Pics..
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My Girlfriend holding my XCR... ;D

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Psh. I get to fondle at least 5 XCRs every day.
Tzoid, as nice as your XCR is, it pales in comparison to your beautiful bride to be. Congratulations. (Does she have a twin?)
My wife won't pickup a gun at all, and she won't let me post her pics online, sooo....

Now tzoid, nothing personal or anything like that, but you my friend, "over achived!" ;) ;D

She is a VERY attractive lady and she "handles" that XCR well also! ;D
Nice...why do I get that all the time..

Hell I'm a good looking guy .. ;D
:D I will see if I can get the Fiance to pose withe XCR later
Ok....don't you guys and girls at least take pics at the Range ??

You all can't be that bashful.... or am I the only Ham in the Forum

I guess that's asking for abuse. :eek:
Not a gf, wife, or XCR, but will it make you feel better?
She's adorable.... Mine used to be that small now she's a Jr. in College
Oh my god.. she is *gorgeous* haha...

She turns 3 on Sunday and she love's to tote around her Chipmunk 22. In about another 10 months (maybe sooner) I'll be taking her out to shoot. All my older kids (12, 10, 9) shoot and started around that age. My 12 y/o son will shoot any caliber and I'm teaching him how to shoot hand gun BP style and I will run him through a BP qual course. My 10 y/o daughter will shoot the M4 because it's light, compact, and collapsible stock. She'll shoot the XCR when I get the UBR stock and LW barrel. My 9 y/o girl is content with her Savage Cub 22. Next is my T minus 1 week old son, it'll be a while, not even born yet!!!

Here are some other pics;

My son w/Steyr AUG, and yes it's at 220 meters and he does hit the steel.

My girls. Spotter and shooter.

My then 9 y/o girl. Notice case ejecting.
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sweet pics i303! Way to go on passing along our sport and the love of firearms ;D
How's this.

Took it today, her 3rd birthday. And one with her hand-me-down Chipmunk .22.
Yep, AZ. Just below you.
Here is the fiance with the XCR at 2am just before getting in bed. for some reason I decided to torture her and put my gear on her and snapped pics.

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She looks like she's ready to defend the homeland ;D
that poor girl... lol... your gear is huge on her.

here's mine :)
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Hey, no fair. He's got two XCR's.

Where's my second one? :'(
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