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Re: Got my 7.62x39 kit!!!

Thanks for getting me that oprod Terra!

My 7.62x39 kit came with:
- Heavier hammer spring
- Shorter brass deflector
- Barrel with FH installed
- New Gas system on Barrel
- 1 30-round C-Product SS mag
- Oprod with new style Gas Piston-Head (had to pay extra for the oprod)

I had to pay extra for another oprod. Reason I wanted another oprod was because I have the older gas system on my 5.56 XCR; and did not feel like swapping out piston heads each time I change calibers.

I will try to make it to the range tomorrow to try it out.
Let us know how it shoots! Also, I recommend the new gas system on your other barrel, unless you have a perm-attached FH or something, because the new system is so much easier to work with, as you'll quickly see with your new kit.
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