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GSG released, anyone get one?

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I know a few people were talking about getting the New GSG MP5 clone in .22, just checking to see if anyone picked one up? I read a pretty favorable review over at AR15.com and decided to call SGC to see if they had any extras. They had 3 left that weren't spoken for. They had 12 2 hours before that so they are selling pretty quick (not including the almost 100 pre-orders they sold). Seems to be a pretty nice little shooter. I was going to go ahead and get one but figured I could wait a few months.
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My Friend Chad got one.. he works at a Range /Gun shop here in MD.
I shot 2 mags thru it on Saturday and it was Ok....not worth 500 bucks

The Safety is like an AirSoft gun but the rest was Ok.

Here is a thread with his thread in MD Shooters Forum. Enjoy. ( His name is JeepDriver )

Mine shipped today so I should have it by this weekend.
Thanks for the Like Tzoid. Looks like they are having fun with it and other than the safety feeling cheap no issues. I look forward to what Gemtech has to say about the 3 lug conversion, this would be a fun little gun to play with.
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